Poor Damon ! His face 323 Looks so sad I wanna cry. Never expected him to show so much feels.

Lexi !! 338 L: I got you. Looks like I’m saving you from both metaphorical darkness, and actual darkness. I think you owe me a beer. Aaaah !! I’m so happy to see her !  

Julian: Sorry your highness, but I don’t buy it. M: That’s because you haven’t set foot in my kingdom yet. 

D: Meaning what ? You’re biceps shrunk & your brain got smaller. J: Meaning that I have a supernatural urge to kill vampires. So, wherever I hated you less, there was no magic. 

C: Hey professor Salvatore. Not everyone can see the map. E: Yeah don’t forget about us. D: Donovan. You had one job. 

Lexi teasing Stefan about Caroline 338 Lol 😛 Se’cute. but I think it’s just a beautiful friendship.

Silas ! You can’t bring him back ! Silas: Ooh I’ve been upgraded to a plague. How biblical. 

S: Is it a crime for someone so good looking to be so sad all the time. 

M: Can we talk about the irony in us blowing up the only place dumb enough to hire us.

D: Alright, not to re-live old fights. But. This is my choice. And I need you to respect it. D: That was a low blow.

B: Bygones. Silas is gone.

Omg ! Sheriff Forbes  322 Liz !

A: Friendly advice. When you finally get the girl, don’t blow her up. 

L: What kind of a best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back ? You’re not gonna get me. At least she found her peace.

Stupid bitch didn’t react like that when Stefan died. Ugh ! I just hate her right now.

S: I lost them both. The two people I’d known longest in this world. Both gone. 

And Damon. He finally had everything he wanted. He was happy. He should be here.

Damon & Bonnie facing the darkness together. D: This place is going down isn’t it ? B: It is. I’m sure there are a million people we’d both rather be with right now. But … D: couple of thousand at most. B: Do you think it’ll hurt ? D: i don’t know-

I still don’t get what Grams did for Bonnie. And is the darkness what took Katherine away ??