The Dark Moon


So I’m quite late posting this. I was busy … Doing pretty much nothing. And enjoying my freedom from exams & college. 

Sti: That’s 50,000 for Derek. Araya: Now where would a teenage boy get money like that from ? Japanese mafia ? Not smart to come alone. Sti: What makes you think we came alone ? Araya: You brought a wolf into my home ?! Sti: We brought an Alpha.

Nope. Can’t take Malia dancing with Kira. such a nope. even if it was kinda hot 😛 How cute was Kira’s awkward dancing though. And Malia’s reaction to it…

S: Stiles. Take ten off the table

Sti: Come on. Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is ? No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist. Come on, just take the money.

S: He hasn’t been returning any of my texts. Sti: Does he ever return any of your texts ? S: Once. Definitely once

Araya: I have to admit, I dont have much experience with banshees.
L: That makes two of us. Since I dont have much experience being one.

Poor Scotty. Keeps getting zapped 😛 Brings out his macho face and just gets knocked down.

You had to kiss him to concentrate O.o ? Ugh don’t mind me, I’m still getting used to her….

Is it just me or does Arden look exceptionally freakin amazing in this episode. Like did you see her when she had to stand there and turn the dial on Scott ? She looked fuckin gorgeous heart eyes <3__<3

Araya: Say the name, Scott. S: Kate

And, uh, he looks daamn fine lying there covered in cobwebs.

M: Okay, I’l ask. Who’s Kate ? K: Uh, I’d like to know too.

S: Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are. L: What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch ? Bang

B: So how come you didn’t kiss her ? S: what ? B: How come you didn’t kiss your girlfriend ? S: You mean Kira ? B: Whatever her name is. S: She’s not really- I mean we’ve never actually- She’s not my girlfriend. B: So if you died down here, you’re gonna regret not kissing her ? B: You should’ve kissed your girlfriend

M: I wouldn’t leave you. Sti: Really ? ! M: No, I would never leave withou you. Damnit bitch, she’s getting too close to Stiles

S: I think I scared it. B: I think you scared everything.

M: Is that him ? Is that derek ? St: Uhhh. Sort of. Omg ! He’s gone young !! D’aww

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I was highlighting in Chem (revising) when I suddenly remembered Stiles 😀

That time whatshisname the chem teacher goes ‘Try putting the highlighter down between sentences. It’s a chemistry book, not a colouring book.’ Then Stiles pops the lid in the air, from his lips, and catches it. Which makes me go ‘Oh cool’ coz he’s such a klutz sometimes {most times} But then he falls on his face whilst talking to Danny.


Then today in Bio, J mentioned haemorrhages coz we were talking about the effects of smoking, and cappilaries bursting etc. I straight away thought of Seo in the OR [Medical Top Team]

The Divine Move


How can you do this ? It’s what we do. I was confused at first coz I thought Chris was in Scott’s head, and that’s why he asked.

Chris & Isaac!hug! What Are they saying ? I may be going a bit deaf 😛 I should seriously watch with subs.


Oh I totally squealed at Danny & Ethan’s lil moment on the stairs 3281 But they’re over now 😦

Nogitsune’s bags. It’s so bad. He’s eyes look like .. ohemgee … It’s just terrible 

Oni playing dead 🙂 Lol ! But they looked like they totally fell for it.

All the killing at the hospital. And him walking like a bad-ass in the middle of it all.

M: You’re an idiot. AM: What’s wrong with that ? M: Seriously ?!

In the middle of all this, Melissa wants him to work things out with Scott  35f

St: Did you bring us a present ? D: I brought two.

I hate ninjas 😛 Lol

No ! Stiles !!! I was fuckin crying almost. I would die if he killed himself 😦

Business book ? Chair & desk ? I’m just like wtf … Till I got the illusion thing.

Then it’s all ..It was an illusion ? Scott & Kira getting slashed was hurting me 😦 

Finally !! Them two are here. Thought they’d never get there. The box was for catching the fly ?! I thought there was gonna be another purpose to it. 

Stiles was clutching Lydia the whole time  3281

My God. I fainted didn’t I ?

Oh Aidan ! I’m sobbing with them 33a

Regression to the mean. The things Deaton says.

Derek telling his dream to Stiles ^^ Major fangirl moment b0c

33a Nooo !!! He can’t be dead 😦 The she-wolf that kept coming up was Kate ?!

I don’t wanna wait till June :((( 33f It feels like 3b just about started ! And now it’s over too quickly.



How far did Deaton reach down their throats ?! He just plucked the freakin flies out 32e

C: Sweetheart, do you want to tell me what insane asylum you escaped from?
D: Coach, insane asylum proper terminology anymore.
C: OK. Sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?

What’s the game Kira’s mom was tryna teach her ?

She’s mygirlfriend. You’re not my type. Obviously we have a lot to talk about.

He’s my type.

Koreans call it batuk. [That is what he said right ?]

The way … Stiles … On the phone 3281


Who’s the her that Chris & Derek were referring to ? And what is that red thing ? What was Chris so scared about that he needed Allison to wait for him ??

I don’t care. So long as no one else dies coz of me. I remember everything that I did Scott. 

Lil pep talk from Scott. A: I came to save my best friend. S: I came to save min. I: I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.

Popping up from behind, with smoky oni. It means there’s been a change in ownership. Now thay belong to me. Why does he look so freakin badass right there ?

Nonono. Who else is here ? Who came with you ? I didn’t even know she legit never wanted them there. I didn’t think those messages were actually from her.

What did Allison’s arrow do to the oni ?

Its bcoz it doesnt hurt. Its okay. It’s OK. It’s OK, it’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall. 

Confessions. Crying !! :((((( It was too fuckin sweet 33a ! Even though they were separated she still loved him. We already know Scott still did. Why did they break up anyway ??

What’s happening to Stiles ?! And the fucking nogitsune just snuck off 341



When Stiles was crying over the phone 33a I was breaking down myself. But that freaky guy with him was scaring the fucking shit out of me !

Aidan ♥ Nude modelling !! Ahaha 🙂 Lydia chose that moment to hear voices 😛

No matter how many times it happens, she has the same reaction every time. I guess it is quite freaky though.

But how did they not find Stiles & that other guy there ?! What I thought before it was clear it didn’t actually happen. I was gonna cry when he was being dragged by his trapped leg. His screaming was killing me !

Skinny, defenceless Stiles ? 

Oh … But that kanji was etched into that wall though 361 Was he there or not ?

And his bat ?! That happened when ? I get that that was when he got possessed, right ?

Mccall, can you shut up please & accept my sincere gratitude

When that guy was taking off his mask ! I was cowering behind my hand. Didn’t know what to expect. Definitely not himself !

And now he is fully possessed 322 !! At least it will be less painful for him. I just felt so much sympathy for him 😦 Just fighting himself. Well know his real conscious is fully gone (?) I hope so, for his sake.

So Mrs Yukimura is the person behind the Oni ?! And suprisingly her daughter seems to be the one who accidently helped the nogitsune get into Stiles 329

Well that’s enough drama & fucked-up-ness to last me till the next episode. Though I’m actually dying in suspense right now 346




Okaiii …. This weeks episode finished way too quick. I was cherishing every second & hoping it’d last longer 😦

Firstly, don’t you think young Chris was kinda hot ? Well I think so. I didn’t even realize it was him at first. And that other guy, the one who those demons killed , when he looked up & his eyes changed color I was like :O till I got he was supposed to be kitsune, what with the being japanese & all.

Allison snogged Isaac again. I swear to God she better not end up getting with Scott again. I want him to move on & find someone better. So he can forget about her.

But Isaac looks hot in a suit. And I almost died when he walked into the place in sunglasses & all like Gentlemen …

Okay enough about that. Derek finally joined in on the action 😀 When that door opened & all I saw was fog, I expected something evil. But when Derek leapt in I was so happy !

Ooh that almost kiss between Scott & Kira. 😉

Why the fuck did Scott’s dad walk up to that thing ?! Like who in their right mind would do that ?

When that other guy was talking about kitsunes & their types I was so scared Kira was the evil one. Then Scott takes her with him so the Oni can check. I was on the edge of my fuckin seat ! Thank Heavens she wasn’t evil *sigh*

Soo Stiles is possesed. Like how many times has that happened in fics (the ones written after 3a) ? That was just so wierd coz it actually happened.

I was just happy he’s no longer the little human coz eben Lydia has her banshee thing.

Now I think it’s kinda scary. He’s not really himself. 322

You know when Melissa got out that file on his mom I was like Oh ! His mom had this illness. Bahaha I was Wroong.

When he goes to Melissa Thanks Mom I just went 33f into a pile of mush

Lastly, don’t you think it was fuckin creepy how calm he was when Scott found him ? I got the bloody shivers

So Who’s Gonna Die ?


I am officially up to date ! 😀

Straight to it then. I heard someone’s gonna die. As in from the inner circle. One of the main six. I for one am all for it being Allison. After the initial shock of course, I decided I’d be least upset over her. At first coz I thought it was becoming a love triangle between her, Isaac & Scott. And I don’t want Isaac to go coz I like him plus he was an abused kid so end of 🙂 But now it’s just my last option. No hard feelings 😛

If Stiles goes I swear I will become dangerous ! Nobody but nobody kills off my baby *death glare* Obvs it cannot be Scott. He’s Scott. Derek … No. NoNo. Just No. And Lydia ? She is a badass girl. So No. I guess so is Allison but … yeah

So … on to the actual show.

Firstly I have been reading way too many Sterek fics whilst waiting for this show to air again. I actually forgot what happened so far. Assuming certain events had occurred which aren’t even in the plot. Had me so confused.

OhOhOh…. Mr Tate. Malia the coyote’s dad ? I squealed when I saw him ! The priest guy from TVD 😀 !

Anyways … How on earth did Derek & Peter get caught ?! Where is Cora gone ? What the fuck is up with them ? I swear it’s like we didn’t see half their plot. Why did he do that thing with his mom’s nails ? OhMyGod Peter’s fucking finger got cut off ! I was imagining what that would’ve done to a human. Can’t just sew it on.

Did anyone else realize how fuckin gorgeous Derek’s blue shirt looks ?

The twins turning the corner to find Danny mackin on a guy 😛 Lol

I freakin died when Kira’s dad said he was korean ! Literally sat there & fangirled for a bit 😀 I love how excrutiatingly embarrassing he is. Talking about her lack of friends in front of the class. And the best line ‘You forgot the research you did for that boy you like’ paHahaha >.<

Uh … I think I have a thing for kitsunes. Well I’ve only read about them when they came in the TVD books. You know those twins ~ the boys name began with an S or Sh ~ his name meant ‘devil’ or something ? I can’t remember it’s been ages. And then I did some research. Kira is totally one & that is awesome !! 🙂

That rave ! Who’s idea was it again ? Aidan right ? Excuse me but Danny looked *drool* in that body paint. Ugh ! Derek totally should’ve gotten it done 😉 I would’ve died

Anyhow …. I’d totally forgotten about Caitlyn. She’s the one from the woods right ? The virgin sacrifice time, her girlfriend got taken ? When Stiles didn’t answer whether he *cough* liked guys 😉 Why didn’t he get painted 😦  Though he got Caitlyn’s lip marks …

Scott should’ve. Give Allison something to stare at *growl* Poor Kira .. The way Allison just stared & she just let go of Scott’s hand. Even though Allison ended up stripping & being painted by Isacc *raised brow* Before 3b I imagined those two got closer whilst Scott was alright with it. But him throwing Isaac around just had me laughing like a retarded seal >_<

Dinner at Kira’s house ? That pup certainly didn’t like his first taste of sushi. And wasabi ? That literally killed me. His face !

Before I go on to more serious matters …. Derek scaring those kids ? Priceless ! His face ♥ We need more of him 😦 He hasn’t been in the last few eps that much. Well not enough according to me.

Now Stiles’ fuckin dreams scared the shit out of me ! :O What’s happening to him ?! He wrote the stuff on the board ? So he was the one who wanted Kira dead ? And what the fuck was up with that guy ? I convinced myself he wasn’t human even :/

I really badly need the next episode. Like right now