Ep 12-14


Episode 12

Ouch !! They made him bleed so much 😦 And then she jumps in. Last second.

Jan Di: You said you could take on ten guys like that & be fine.

F4 bros to the rescue ! Did Yi Jung fight with a hand in his pocket ? Obviously Ji Hoo would be the type to just fight without fighting ^^

I can’t believe her mom went to freaking beg ! :O
Yay ! Jan Di returned the money

Ji Hoo: You called 911 ? I came to put out the fire.

Pancakes 🙂 Ji Hoo’s comfort food
He took her to ski with the others. But he never stayed with.

Yi Jung: I smell whiffs of a proposal when I see it. About the necklace.

So she went back to Ji Hoo’s after. I swear, them two’s friendship is … Special.

Sneaky way to get her to find it. Awww, what he said is soo cute. I ‘knew’ those girls would take it. As soon as they found out.

Oh & Stand By Me is totally their song ♥ 

Ga Eul, smiling when Yi Jung saved her. Ugh. Those two are cute without realizing.

Jun Pyo: You trample on my heart like it’s nothing 33a But … But …. It wasn’t her fault this time.
She went up to the mountain 😦 To look for it, in a storm. Hah, those bitches are starting to feel bad for sending her up just before a storm started.
Jan Di: I came to look for your heart.

Ji Hoo wants to go save her like usual. But they won’t let him coz of the storm. Don’t you get it ? He can’t sit by whilst she’s in danger.

Jun Pyo’s sitting there half-naked & freezing. First time Jan Di initiated a date. But Jun Pyo never made it.

Ouch ! I’ll spend a long time feeling sad for Ji Hoo. He’s there to comfort her when she’s crying over Jun Pyo. Sees her text, He said he loved her :’)

Episode 13

He’s been gone for half a year ?! F4 in uni ? Wow !

Jun Pyo’s gon be put in charge of Shinhwa Group now ?

Jan Di’s family make kitties 3281
Ji Hoo is a conductor 🙂 Makes sense, he loves to play a lot of instruments. Though I’ve only seen him on three so far.
Jan Di’s mom: He looks like a living statue.
Ji Hoo arranges a vid mssg, his face while listening to Jan Di recording 😦 Cute how she doesn’t know what to say at first. Then he starts playing 🙂 And Jan Di goes over to him.

Yi Jung at work 🙂 Pottery. So into it.
Ga Eul just watching. Yi Jung: Am I that handsome ? There’s not one woman who’s not smitten by this sight.

That old man keeps coming for random foods.
Ooh ! Is he Ji Hoo’s granddad ??? Just a random thought.

Ji Hoo took her to hospital. I thought he was gonna before, that time he instead went to record the vid. I was wondering how she hurt it when her bro asked. It was that time with those guys 😦

I love when Ji Hoo does cute stuff like wipe her tears ❤
He never says Seo Hyun’s name. Just thought about it. He says that person. Probably too painful.

Someone made a movie out of what Jan Di said to Ji Hoo 😀

Oooh She wants to go see Jun Pyo.
Use F4 to get customers. So, why did they come over ? Ji Hoo’s idea ?

But she’s not allowed to swim.
They’re all getting so emotional watching her swim one last time.
Awww. Retirement ceremony 328 Ji Hoo couldn’t carry on reading. Poor Ji Hoo 340 When she was so happy to be going to Jun Pyo

Her English ^^ It’s so cute. I’ll never get over how they sound talking English. So fuckin adorable !
No ! Jun Pyo ! You drove right past her
Jan Di: I came to beat Gu Jun Pyo.
She’s wearing heels ?! Ewww, she changed after meeting these guys. She’s gone girly 346
I know that girl is someone important. Jan Di don’t see the suits following. Ha Jae Kyung

How could Jun Pyo walk off after seeing Jan Di ??

Ewww. These guys got her. Seriously, using a kid as bait.
He’s not here to save you darling. You should be screaming for Ji Hoo Sunbae, he’s the one who’s always been there for you. From the very start.
F4 followed her ?!
Prince Song. His rep man

Ji Hoo: We knew you’d be crying like this.
It’s like they’re big bros she never had. Umm, maybe not Ji Hoo. He may act like them most times, but when you know he likes her …

Episode 14

Jan Di: She’s my life saver. Woobin: But. That’s us !

I knew it ! That Jae Kyung she met is Jun Pyo’s fiance ! No. Plz. Save them.
Ji Hoo: /big eyes/ Let’s go someplace else. Yi Jung: Why ? You feel like you’re in Venice, so you’re  craving for Italian food. That look Yi Jung gave Ji Hoo. Woobin’s Come on guys.

Who’s sending pics to Jun Pyo ??
Jan Di: I’ll wonder if I just dreamed it on my own. Ji Hoo: It’s not a dream If it were, it wouldn’t have been so painful. He’s hurting so much 33f

What a wake up call, Jun Pyo. Ok, that’s enough. I love how he sounds saying that ^^ You, really … If you weren’t the chief manager, I’d fire you. Keep standing. 

Chief Jung secretly takes him to his mates, by lying about a mayor 333

Her black knights ^^
Yi Jung. Beat up Jun Pyo. Yi Jung: even if I’ve dated & broken up 20 times. I’ve never acted like this. At least he doesn’t go for the innocent girls.

When she saw the City of Lovers ad. The way Ji Hoo tried to take off her mask, then just hugged her.

Ji Hoo: As a friend, I need a favor.

Jun Pyo: Tell me.

Ji Hoo: Meet her just once. 

Jun Pyo: Why should I do that ?

Ji Hoo: didn’t I say that it’s a favor, as a friend ?

Jun Pyo: And if I ask why you’re asking for that kind of favor ?

Ji Hoo: Because that’s the only thing I can do for her right now. 


Ji Hoo & chasing after girls to airport.

Jan Di: I’ve heard of gymnastics during moonlit night, but what’s with the stroll at dawn ? Personally, I think stroll at dawn sounds so romantic 328

I thought he wouldn’t even look at her. Jun Pyo: Like a stain I want to erase. Kinda harsh, you bitch. Even if you think you’re doing it for her.

Jun Pyo: If you break your promise, I’ll destroy everything. Good to know he still loves her. But I wouldn’t trust your bitch of a mom, ever.

Ji Hoo: /in chinese/ Can this pretty lady buy an ice cream from me please ?

Jan Di: I’m sorry, but my Chinese is not good … /looks at him/ What did you just say ?

Ji Hoo: Uh, ugly girl, please buy some ice cream.

Jan Di: Do you really think you can sell anything with that line ?

Ji Hoo: But you’d still buy it, wouldn’t you ?

Jan Di: How much is it ?

Ji Hoo: Uhhh, today.

Jan Di: What ?

Ji Hoo: Give me today as payment for the ice cream.

The fuckin president. It is him. He’s a doc now ?! The fuck.

Knew Jun Pyo would go buy the shoes for her. Either that or Ji Hoo.
Grabs the girl coz she’s similar size. That guy is quite helpful to him, regarding Jan Di. Though he works for his mom, I’m sure.

Min. From Julliards. Luv his baby voice.
Is he gay 😉 Clings to Ji Hoo, like a lot.

What. You didn’t know Ji Hoo had friends other than you & F4 ? Just coz you doesn’t.

Bloopers ; Jun Pyo messed up the kiss ^^

Ep 9-11


Episode 9

The boat Ji Hoo left for her at the pool. She never got it 340

Woobin: What’s wrong with that kid ? Did he eat something weird at Geum Jan Di’s house ?

Jun Pyo: Do you guys even know about life ?
Yi Jung: It was better when he used to get his sayings wrong. Woobin: I’m scared of Geum Jan Di more than a tiger or smallpox.

After his attempt at not being desperate with Jan Di, Yi Jung: It’s embarrassed that he’s my friend.

Ga Eul’s bf is kinda rude. He’s got a really wide mouth.

Oh… He was talking trash about Jan Di. That’s why he got beat up.

Sup with that phone call Yi Jung got ?
When he saw Ga Eul crying. I’m like Be a man get out of the damn car.

Fuckin hell ! Finally !! They fuckin kissed. At the park ^^

Episode 10

What. The shit wants Ga Eul back now ? Bitch.

Please. For Gods sake. Don’t give Ji Hoo a valentine gift.
She’s made Jun Pyo cookies ^^
He’s touched by them, I can tell.

Shite ! His mom is here. Why is she taking him away ??
He never took the valentine prezzie with him 340

Poor Ga Eul. Obvs Yi Jung gets loads of valentines gifts.

Ji Hoo. Doesn’t that hurt ? The biccies. You know they’re menna be Jun Pyo.

He always ends up with everything Jun Pyo gives her or she gives Jun Pyo. 
He also eats everything she gives Jun Pyo. Lol !

I luv it when he has a ponytail ^^
I thought Jan Di’s mom would force her to sign it.
Okay … Not so great. Pouring sugar (?) on her head

Ji Hoo also plays piano, as well as guitar & violin

Jan DI: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart. Sunbae appears in front of me.

That bitch ! She’s fuckin shutting Jan Di’s family down !

Jan Di’s mom, making them scream but she can’t do it herself.

I knew she’d see one of them 😦 It had to be Jun Pyo.
Well, she got another kiss 😉

Jun Pyo asked for the same promise as Ji Hoo. Tell me if anything happens. But to Ji Hoo, she just said it ain’t so serious with Jun Pyo anyways.
Jun Pyo’s gonna treasure the fuckin can.

Ji Hoo: My heart hurts. /pause/ If I was Gu Jun Pyo then my heart would hurt

Where the fuck has she gone to now ?

Episode 11

She gets into all sorts of shit. Their pervy smiles don’t wipe off.

Ha Je. Plz don’t start liking her.

Ji Hoo. Good guy. I’ll pretend I never saw you two
Knew Jun Pyo would get jealous. Now they broken up for real

Be gave her the red card :O
He’s the type. But he changed. He did !

Ji Hoo : Don’t make me regret it. Coz he gave her up for Jun Pyo.

So who is Ha Je really ?? He did all those things. I have a feeling he’s working for Jun Pyo’s mom.

Ep 5-8


Episode 5

No Ji Hoo to save her 😦 Gu Jun Pyo comes to carry her off in his arms ^^ At least he believes her now.

Plastic Surgery every two years ?! So she did like him.

Jun Pyo: Did you eat a train’s heart ? Jun Di: It’s not a trains heart. Its a trains smokestack.

The way her fam just stare & nod at Jun Pyo. And he doesn’t know how to eat their food 😀

Jan Di still sticks up for her. Doesn’t that just kill you Min Ji ??

Ginger. Lol. Just Fell down when Jun Pyo announced her as his girlfriend.
No ! Ji Hoo. You cant just pop in & fuckin object 😦 You went ! You’ve lost your chance. Just let her be happy now. Please !

Ga Eul: Cant you go into the bathroom & scream celebration.

Ji Hoo with girls ? What the fuck is up with him ?!
Don’t joke like that ! Saying you were gonna ask her out. You weren’t. Not while being with Seo Hyun.

Jun Pyo’s taking her on a holiday !! Eek ! New Caledonia. Where the fuck is that ?! He fuckin sent waitresses to the shop to help out whilst they’re away.

Oh Em Gee ! Can’t get over hoe cute he is. All the flowers & stuff, on the beds & bath etc

That fortunetelling was just a dream ? Hmmm … I wonder who her hubby & soul mate will be ?

Gu Jun Pyo. Jealous of a genie 🙂 Lol cutie

Main course ? Starts stripping 😉

Episode 6

She covers her face. Lol ! But I thought he couldn’t swim :/

Poor Jun Pyo, he couldn’t even save her. Watching Ji Hoo save his girl.

Ga Eul: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Haha, she let slip about Jan Di liking someone else.

Player list ? He ain’t a player though 😦 Jun Pyo’s not a player ! 😦

That lil anklet. Jun Pyo: If a girl doesn’t like me. I wont touch her.

Dont you fuckin ‘dare give her that lily, Ji Hoo. She knows what it means.

Hug. Plz … You’re just torturing her. Jan Di knows she can’t have you. Especially now she’s with Jun Pyo.

I like that thing Jun Pyo’s wearing.

He’s another example of a possessive rich guy. Don’t go anywhere without me. 
Well, she lost it quickly -_-

Ouch. Jun Pyo thinks she snuck off with Ji Hoo 😦 Coz he got her anklet which he’s wearing as a bracelet that she said she should’ve been wearing when she claimed to have gone for a walk alone. And he got a bit tipsy.

Poor Jun Pyo. Went out to God knows what race Ji Hoo & got stuck losing his paddle. How the fuck did he get back ? Then she goes fishing with Ji Hoo

Did you see ? My heart ?

It’s fuckin happening ! He’s gonna hate her for this. Everything she said about Seo Hyun.

Her first kiss !! Ji Hoo ! Omfg, Jun Pyo ! He must be fuckin heartbroken 😥 He freakin saw that.

That anklet thing he gave, its for the person you want to spend your life with. Now she gets it.

Drawing. Oookay. I think she does like Jun Pyo.

He kicked Ji Hoo out of F4 !! And both of them are gonna get expelled.

Yi Jung: Even if you hooked up with my sister & dumped her after 3 days, I wouldn’t be this mad. Ji Hoo: You don’t have a sister. Yi Jung: I’m not joking.

Umm, shouldn’t your sister matter more than a friend’s girl ??

Episode 7

His sister to the rescue. Jun Hee. One person he’ll bow to.

Jun Pyo hungry in his room. Butler Lee ends up sending the food back. I always think they’re saying Butter Lee

Jun Pyo & Ji Hoo at the movies.

Ji Hoo: But leave Jan Di alone.

Jun Pyo: What are you going to do if I don’t ?

Ji Hoo: I’ll protect her. I have to protect her.

Jun Pyo /clenches his fist/ It has been eleven times. If you remember we are friends who have seen that movie eleven times together … Then something like this shouldn’t have happened. 

The type of guy I hate the most ? A disgraceful guy. A stingy guy. A guy that can’t let go of the past.

A guy that brags about himself ? A disgraceful guy

A guy that never forgives his friends ? A stingy guy

A guy that can’t accept his defeat ? A guy that can’t let go of the past.

Jun Hee: The three in the triangle, come up. Jan Di: /smacks Jun Pyo to get up too/ Yi Jung & Woobin : /making head motions at him/ Jun Pyo: /to self/ Three. Triangle ? /mouthing/ Me ? Me ?! Jun Hee: /eye rollThis kid

Asking Coach Park if he’ll be able to win, no reply, Jun Pyo: Never mind. I’ll make my own destiny

Ji Hoo looks so happy recently. It’s kinda weird. But good, good for him 🙂
But Ji Hoo’s the better rider. How ? How did Jun Pyo win ?

Ji Hoo’s sho cute talking to his horse.

Poor Jupiter. Can’t run no more 😦 You overworked him.

Omo ! That flashback. Plz don’t make Ji Hoo drive a fuckin race car. How can Jun Pyo be happy about this ?! His fuckin family died in a car

Dip his face in his soup. Lol I love Jun Hee.

Jun Pyo skidding after seeing Jan Di sitting with Ji Hoo eating. I feel so fuckin sorry for him.

Secret weapon ? Jan Di
Wow Ji Hoo’s not hyperventilating in the car 🙂
Jun Pyo loses control thinking of them together

No fair ! Ji Hoo faced his fear Grrr  320 Why is Jun Pyo allowed a way out of it ?!

Ugh. Her fam just wants her to suck up.

I think Jun Pyo really does love her. I want to think the same of Ji Hoo, he was my first choice for her. Also my fave in the whole show. But is she just a kid to him. A rebound ?

Episode 8

Isn’t that like the first time he hugged her. The time Ji Hoo did, right before the kiss that started all this, I was like at least he knows to hold her when she’s upset. Anyways, his Just one word … reminds me of Chuck & Blair Just three words. 

That boss has some powers. He like always tells the future or summat. Like when he goes Don’t leave me to Jan Di & Ga Eul.

Jun Pyo turned out the power ?? Ugh, who won the swim though.

Was that a friendly punch Yi Jung ?

Ji Hoo’s robo story 😦

He can’t ruin her so no one can have her ? So he’s letting her go ?

Jealousy to get Jun Pyo out of bed 😉

He even bought that coffee. To drink alone. My heart is aching for him. Ji Hoo just took her to the first place she went with Jun Pyo.

Jun Pyo wrote that in the cable car? Blubblub 33a

Your house on the first date. Isn’t that a dick move Ji Hoo ?

Then he says she’s an easy girl ? Child’s play ? Is that his way of letting her go ? Oh. It was to make Jun Pyo admit to it.

I knew it ! I knew he’d be the one in hospital. But I thought he’d crash the night he left while she was at Ji Hoo’s.

Lil shit ! He got her to confess like that. Doesn’t it hurt Ji Hoo to do this. That is love right there (I think), Ji Hoo is totally letting her go for her own happiness.

Those suit guys. The worst. Picking up snow ? Push ups on the fence ?

He needs to stop bundling Jan Di into his car like that.

Almost kiss ! Seriously, you called her for that ? Fuckin food ! She was gonna get kissed !

Faking to be busy. Lol ! She just doesn’t wanna face Jun Pyo.

Ji Hoo kept the one she drank from 🙂 You cutie

Jun Pyo came to stay at her house. Got a good night ? 347

I’mma be dying of suspense till I get back to watch in my free period. Fuckin hooked. Literally up all night for this.

Boys Before Flowers 1-4


Episode 1
I remember, back when I first started watching, when I saw them beating up the guy I was like wtf !

and those three girls (!) Ginger. Sunny. Miranda. And Ginger’s Oh. My. God !

Jan Di like never stops screaming. That girl has a voice !
Do you know how bad I want her with Ji Hoo ?

Dr Jeong Hoon Min from MTT at her workplace ! I freaked & squealed when I saw him.

Jan Di cleaning the ad instead of Ji Hoo’s hands 😀 And that smile he does when he realizes what just happened. Literally smiled at the ground. (Eww 1D reference) 

Whowhoawhoa !! That kick. And Yi Jung & Woobin’s reactions just make it that much better.

Episode 2

Ji Hoo comes to talk about pancakes ?! What a save (!)

Jun Pyo saying how Jan Di is totally into him. Yi Jung & Woobin’s faces are like Nope. Not at all. And they just laugh at him, he doesn’t even realize coz he’s too happy.

He fuckin kidnapped her ?! Aww, she thought it was Ji Hoo 🙂
Damn the way cusses ! She was gonna take off her fuckin dress

Jun Pyo’s blaming it on the makeover. He’s gonna try again. Omg don’t !

He’s so scared of a bee !! How is that so cute.

Why is the toilet even bigger than my house ?

He even drives a fuckin motorcycle ^^ Officially love that guy ♥ Now she got his shoes too. He is so fuckin sweet to her, it kills me. In a good way. 

Is StandByMe an OST for this ??

What Jan Di said to Jun Pyo when he came to help her with her nosebleed. Ouch !
Taking out his anger on the field.

He bought the fuckin school along to get her.
When it’s Ji Hoo then I’ll definitely come

Good shoes take you to good places

Jun Pyo dropped his fuckin plate when he saw her. Plus I can’t stop seeing T.O.P when I look at him.

It hurts how much I want Jan Di with Ji Hoo.

Episode 3

She got her feet on his 😀 Lol ! And her face (!) She looks way too happy, kinda dumb 😛 But oh well, she don’t care how she looks to others.

What has she done to Jun Pyo ? He became too happy. That resuscitation kiss was obviously too much for him. But that moment when he tried to pull her back down, his face after 3281 He complimented the weather when it was a fuckin storm.

Duckies in the pool 😀 ! 

When Ji Hoo’s string snapped I got scared. Why is he being like this ? I actually didn’t know it snapped till she tried wrapping up his finger.

Jun Pyo waiting for her at the pool in his lil floatie seat. But those freakin girls came & ruined his happiness, showing that vid of her with Ji Hoo. She was only wrapping up a wound !

Am I that loathsome ? When he tried to kiss her & she was almost crying. But that was mostly coz of Ji Hoo though.

Seo Hyun’s bday party. Yijung goes up to Jan Di like Yeobo … Well he did suggest taking her as his date for the next event.

Is she breaking up with Ji Hoo ? What Jan Di said is happening. She pretty much led him on for 15 yrs ?! Well, that’s what I’m getting.

Kiss ! Poor Jan D 😦 Was that their first kiss ?

Lol Jun Pyo to the rescue 🙂 He is kinda sweet to her, hired out the whole bar coz he knew she’d be upset by events. When you could hear his heart beat though 🙂 He looked kinda freaked out at the time.

Jun Pyo telling her how she’s the first girl apart from Seo Hyun obvs that Ji Hoo’s shown interest in. Kudos to her ! Coz she’s also the first girl Jun Pyo’s liked ! ♥

LOL ! She fans herself whilst he splashes water ^^ Comes back to find her all drunk. Wow !! Her drunk ranting though. I have no time to accompany rich boys like you to play the game of love. 

I, am a little sad today. I’m a little upset. When she starts slapping him.

Her face when she was gonna kiss him, then passed out. His expression then. She puked on him 😀

The flashback 🙂 Lil adorkables sneaking around in the night. She fuckin scared the shit out of them. Too much ? Holding their hands in the air like baby criminals.

Begging Seo Hyun to stay for Ji Hoo. I’m heartbroken 😥
Why is Ji Hoo being so mean ? She’s doing this for him. Putting his happiness before her own feelings.

Episode 4

Ji Hoo 😦 He’s the one to save her normally. Now he made her cry I’m crying Sob. He deffo only sees her as a kid

Boo. The plane muted Jun Pyo’s words. What did he say ? Date ?? He waited for her in the snow :’)
Awww he’s shick

He sent all that to her house as her excuse ? Cutie 3281

Why did Min Ji freak out like that ?

Poor F4. Marriage decided by parents. Does Jun Pyo plan on marrying her ?

Who’s this guitar guy ? Plz don’t start to like him.

Thanks for last night

He changed their entire LOOK for her. Coz of that time she had a nosebleed, and said she hates everything about him.
Lollipops ! The last straw 3271 Even straightened his hair for hours.

It was Min Ji right ? Totally framed her. Meant to be her friend.
Yijung & Woobin They’re helping her 🙂 They’re good to her. I like that.
Who was Min Ji to Jun Pyo ?

These kids are fuckin heartless. Grrrr