Yaoi !!


Guess what I’ve been pulled into ??

It’s Yaoi !

Started it yesterday morning. Somehow came across Kizuna & then I was just hooked 😀

I found it quite funny actually, especially the ending of OVA 3, when the lady called then Rena told her off coz he’s got a jealous wife ! Lol !!

Moved straight on to Kirepapa after that. That one had me interested.

Papa to kiss in the dark was disturbing at first, coz I can’t agree with, or stand, incest. But it got better with time. Especially when he turned out to be adopted, though it was his uncle after all. I was confused thinking if he’d end up with his friend, or the redhead guitar guy, or that third year guy.

Then I just thought I’d give Sensitive Pornograph a go, coz I wanted to see the story between the two writers, in the first OVA. Didn’t like it all that.

Currently watching Junjou Romantica. Was debating whether or not to watch Maiden Rose but decided to leave it for now. Coz of that time I saw a clip where it looked like he was dead coz of his boyfriend taking him against his will. It ended with a shot of him lying on the bed, sheets between his legs stained in blood & all over his legs. His bf, kai (?), was regretting it when he realized.

Anyways Junjou Romantica is proving too long & complicated for me. I might give it up.