Is Parish really gone ?! Noo !!!!! That Haig guy. I’ve seen him somewhere before.
Omg ! His supernatural side is coming out now. I really need to put a name on that.

Parrish: Are all of you like Lydia ? Are you all physic ?

Sheriff: Your not supposed to take care of me. I’m the dad. You’re the son. You get it. Dad. Son.

Who’s faxing Liam the dead pool ?? Isn’t he on it ? Okay, it’s not fax then. Attack of the crazy printers.

D: Scott. Banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death. No! No! Don’t you dare be cool with knowing you’re gonna die !

Mason: Statistically speaking, someone on your team has gotta be on my team. Love that while the others are busting their asses with the dead pool business, we have Mason just searching for a hunk. who can blame him 😉

Sti: You read that movie ?! L: It was a book first.

Updated dead pool. Guess Derek got taken off seeing as he’s not even supernatural anymore. And his death is pretty much been predicted.

Hey. What are you doing here ? Getting drunk. What are you doing ? Trying to make sure no one gets hurt. That sounds fun too.

Who’s Brunski ?? The creeper at Eichan House ?

It was the damn music making them intoxicated. Now there’s even music which can specifically affect the supernatural ?? And how the fuck did Haig control the Security at a high school dance ? I know he’s police and all but..

S: What happened to the gun ? D: You’re covered in gasoline. S: Oh yeah.

Brunski: Young deputy. You’re just a kid. I bet you’ve never even fired a- You really shouldn’t say things like that. Just in case it convinces the person to pull the trigger.

Meredith is the benefactor. :o What. The. Fuck. I thought she died. Obviously she faked it.

Time Of Death


Sti: I was sleeping in the middle of the bed. M: Yeah I know. Not any more.
Sti: Well I don’t like this. M: I’m gonna kill you. Sti: I know, I know. I’m sorry.
So Stiles was just remembering another time ? Btw where the hell does Malia live anyways ?? Bcoz I remember Stiles telling Scott she snuck in at night. I assumed she snuck into his room from the window, so like from outside the house. Not just into his room.

Agent McCall: I might have to miss the first game of the season. I’m glad Scott’s dad situation is getting better. But gdi is he gonna get into shit for killing a guy ? I was getting used to all these deaths without consequences involving law.

When I get back, I’d like to be in the know. How is he still out of it :| head scratch/confused ? Even after he encountered the Oni and shit ? Even in his own house, well I guess his wife’s house. Plus in the hospital aswell.

Liam: I’m not scared. Sti: Well you’re borderline idiotic. Liam’s totally got the worried for my alpha thing down perfect you know. Coz we never got to see that before. Scott was bitten by Peter so nothing there, coz he was evil as fuck then (kinda still is). And he didn’t really see eye to eye with Derek, and he turned out to be an alpha himself so… No one for him to call alpha. Derek’s betas though, Erica and Boyd I can’t remember if they were that attached to him. The show didn’t dwell on that much. Plus they got killed off pretty fast. But Isaac though 🙂 I think we saw a bit of that there. He did look up to Derek, but then Derek became a beta, plus he chucked Isaac out.

Scott! You’re moms gonna die of shock. I was not expecting him to fake his death

D: What are you doing ? Braeden: Protecting my investment.
Braeden: Derek. Show me your eyes. D: You just saw them.
I could totally be 100% behind this if I didn’t feel like the plot is most definitely gonna rush into it like with Jennifer.

K: I think Liam’s a little scared. Maybe you should tell him its gonna be alright.

Phew. They told her about it after she’s done crying, guess that make it more realistic. It is her son dead after all.

Sti: That’s your assassin speak ?

Braeden: Strength ? D: I could still win a fight. Cocky much. Could you ever. But ugh I love that look he does :/ confused/googly
Braeden: When you’re a human facing off against the supernatural you need to bend the rules a little bit. I’m gonna teach you how to bend.

Scott’s dream. Who’s The Chemist ? Why can’t he kill them though ?! They’re the bad guys ! Well definitely the first two. Or is it because there’s someone controlling them so he doesn’t fell they are to blame ?

P: I gotta buy a better safe.
M: I think I could take you. Peter: You’ve heard rumours that I’m not as strong as I used to be. M: Something like that.

D: I don’t like guns. He sounds like a little kid whining :) Braeden: That’s bcoz you’ve never lesarnt to use one. D: Or bcoz I’ve been shot. Repeatedly.
Braeden: I can do this all day. D: Uh hmm. Okay like not cool Derek. You seriously gotta stop killing my heart. Right the fuck now. Braeden: You cheated. D: I needed to bend. And I would be perfectly happy if it ended there worried :/

Kira’s mom: I’m guessing the power doesn’t go out very often in this hospital. Melissa: No. Only when under attack by supernatural creatures.

L: Mom ? L’s mom: These aren’t grandmas ashes. What do you mean ? Of course they are. L: No. Its mountain ash.

I like really wanna know what the fuck Scott’s weird dreams mean. The Mute said he was evolving. The only thing I’m thinking of is back when the Alpha Pack tried to recruit Derek. Coz like he totally just killed his own beta in that last one.

Sti: Killing doesn’t run in family. M: Maybe it does in mine.

S: They wanna do a bunch of tests. Since … I was kind of officially dead.

L: Are you absolutely sure Grandma’s dead ? Omg if she isn’t where the hell is she ? Is she The Benefactor ?? She’s a banshee though, right ?



Sti: Someone wants you dead dude. Badly.

Sti: No. No of course we have to tell him.

S: So we should give Derek his money back, and not Peter ? Sti: I didn’t say that.

Hmm, on the one hand, can’t they use a lil to solve their money problems ? Then I remember it’s not assassin money, it’s actually the Hale’s so they gotta give it back. But honestly though, why the fuck has everyone just gone poor all of a sudden ?! I hope we get answers soon.

Sti: Well. M: What ? Sti: Its doing well, not good.
Lol. They still gotta live with tests & exams.

I love that Lydia’s mom didn’t just leave it. Like I hate when they have those dumb people who are like, it’s no big deal. She’s not even like the other parents, as in she’s not in the know like them.

K: Nope. Never been under his bed. Or in it. Just on it. With clothes on.

Plus, how the fuck was Meredith in an old picture in the Martin’s lake house ??

Progress. Its progress

So breathing the dust of the mushroom things cured them ? What about Liam though. He didn’t get infected right ? Coz he’s not taking the exams with them.

Lol Malia thinks they hid the fact that she’s on the list 🙂 Okay, whatever floats your boat. But uhh now that she knows …. I feel sorry for her coz thats gotta hurt. She did trust Stiles a lot. ? But a teeny bit of me is glad. I know, I’m evil. But we can ease up on the cutesy now. I’m sorry, I’m just bitter coz Sterek



OhmyGod i forgot to post this morning when i watched it.

Without control, violence … Extreme violence is inevitable

M: I could try catching their scent. Teacher: Right, how about I just mark them down as absent.

Teacher: Malia. Do you need to be excused from class ? M: Yeah. Just gets up all ready to walk on out of there.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling every time Derek offers to teach someone. Like duude he’s getting really soft, hasn’t anyone realised. Maybe I just read too many fanfics, coz i am getting hella confused if half the things I remember even happened on the show or not.

Parish: Well, I make 40 thousand a year. I should just kill myself

So they are Buddhist werewolves ? I thought I misheard or something.

Parrish: The last time you saw her you almost gave her a nervous breakdown. L: Uh, almost.

You. I like you. I’m gonna keep you

Scent covering ? I literally thought of Brett the exact time Malia voiced it 🙂

D: Like a hyperactive spazz ?

I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all that Braeden keeps popping up. Especially coz she’s hurt this time. Derek’s gonna feel obliged to look after her, and then anyone could guess where that leads. In this show any lady will do for Derek right ? Ugh!! stop throwing him into weird hook-ups  >:( angry

What a babe is Scott ? Like don’t we all know it but nothing wrong with being reminded. I really hope his plan to save all lives carries through. Though I also highly doubt it.

I literally love that Kate took the berserkers right when one was gonna kill Chris 🙂 Out of control or not. You don’t kill your big bro, girl.

He got so far !! Then frikkin fell. Poor Liam, but d’awww when Scott came & got him ^^ Hugs!! I live for those okay

I’m starting to think Peter is somehow absorbing Derek’s powers :/ Idek man, wouldn’t know what to expect from creepy uncle.

And uh is my bby gonna die 😦 His name unlocked the last third damnit!



The Sun, The Moon, The Truth

Oh so that guy, who killed Wendigos, is called a Mute.

The housing development, is still in development.

Oh its Derek 🙂 He’s doing what he did to Jackson, pissing him off. Its like a younger version lol
D: You’re right. He is angry
S: What you smiling about ? D: You’re gonna be good at this.

Coach: If i could grade you on how profoundly you disturb me. You’d be an A+ student.

Sti: Well I’m terrified & I’m not even ON the list

Mason totally checking Brett out 😛 Mason: I think you could definitely take him. And then give him to me.

D: At first, i thought it was a part of my past. And then, I started to lose something else, my sense of smell. I’m losing my powers.

Sheriff: And I used to call myself a rational human being. Get in here ! Shut the door.

Sti: What are you on ? Seriously. HDH ? Gamma radiation ?

Daamn. Parrish is a supernatural !!!! Knew there was something about him.

Brett was a were. Omo ! Violet tried to kill Scott. But he’s awesome 😀

The Benefactor


P: You have an expert on teenage cannibalism ?
It was Derek 😀

Sti: What did you do with him anyways ? S: He’s upstairs. Sti: Doing what ? S: Uh uhhhm. Lying down …

Sti: so you bit him. S: Yeah
Sti: And you kidnapped S: yeah
Sti: Then brought him here S: I panicked
Sti: This isn’t gonna end with us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert is it ? As a reminder, this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans, suck.

Uhh. Uh oh. Uhh oh. Is he ? Is he crying ?

Lol. Stiles’ dad walking in on him & Malia trying her restraints out. Sti: Hey. Uhm. That’s. This is not what you think, at all.
Sheriff: I don’t even wanna know.

K: Remember my dad was a world war 2 buff. And my mom was, well, in it.

Garret’s girlfriend Violet … Is Stella from Melissa & Joey O.o

What color are Liam’s eyes ? Oh wait. Just yellow, right ? That’s normal.

S: Liam. We’re brothers now.
Liam: What ?
Sti: Oh god that’s …
Liam: What are you talking about ? We just met. And you bit me.
S: The bite. The bite is a gift.
Sti: Scott stop. Please stop. Just stop.
(Trying to say exactly what Derek said)

L: No. I’m done with teenage boys. But. If we’re playing a trick on someone. Lets use the trickster. K: Who me ? No way. Not me. L: Yes you. You know what they call a female fox ? A vixen. K: Me ?

Lol ! Walking down all sexy like. Then bam! on her face. Lool guess that’s just Kira. Hella hot but absolute dork, wrapped into one.

P: I think I can handle a little fire.
Oh, hell. Derek looks like he’s gonna enjoy burning out the wolfsbane 😛
P: He said he was after you. D: How does a guy with no mouth say anything ? P: With this.

K: Sorry. Liam: What the hell is this ? Sti: Think of it like an intervention. You have a problem, Liam. S: And we’re the only ones that can help.

Sheriff: I still don’t get how this guy has no mouth. I mean, how can he eat ? D: Peter didn’t get a chance to ask. He was fighting him off with a tomahawk buried in his chest. Sheriff: Yeah, and who runs around with a tomahawk. Well, you see, Parish carried one 😉

These freshmen are all so weird.
That guy with the keg was a were O.o The black girl is a what ? The blonde, Garret, has connections with the Benefactor ?!

Where are the voices gone ? What the fuck is happening to Lydia ?! Oh damnit. I was watching a weird link O.o Missed the whole convo between her and Mason. I thought her family was stinkin rich :/ Why is it that everyone is having money problems at the exact same time ?

K: What about him ? S: He can dance with me next time.

K: I also just heard you growl. S: That wasnt me.

D: You know, just bcoz this guy connected to the school wifi, doesn’t mean he’s still here. Sheriff: True. But I’ve seen enough in this school to keep a gun in my hand when walking in after dark.

Sheriff: You nervous makes me nervous.

Sti: Control, is overrated.

Chris ! He’s back. Chris: I got your text. That made me lol.

You have the right to remain silent.

P: I’m a creature of habit.

He wont listen to me. He will if you start using your own words. /not Derek’s/



P: The table’s Italian. B: So are these boots.

Okay. Malia is hella cute in Math. The way she saw the question on the board and just Nope walked right back out.

S: Maybe I should text her. Sti: No. Just no with the texts.

Sti: Is he even human ? What is he, like a were-cheetah. Does that even exist ? Is that a thing ? S: Maybe he’s just that good. Sti: I wanna puke. Take me somewhere.

Sti: Maybe he’s perfect at everything. I hate this kid.

K: Isn’t the captain supposed to be one of the best players on the team ? Or good ?

Sti: Dude, what is going on with you ? S: I don’t know. I’m having a really off-day. Stp: Off-day ? You were dying out there. I feel actual physical pain watching you.

Coach: That’s my boy ! Those two are like sons to me.

M: Ten bucks on scott & stiles. C: I’ll take that action.

C: Someone ask her if she’s ever played lacrosse !

That whole lacrosse practise was a load of laughs for me. Omg ^_^ :D

The true nature ofsomeone is reflected in their eyes.

L: Don’t tell me you believe in all that. Par: I’d like to say I don’t believe in anything. But I keep an open mind.

I wanted Scott and Kira to talk about her joining the team. S: You know what, I’mnot sorry. #SoNotChaste That hashtag got me though

Omg ! Those are Stiles’ colours :O Ok they are kinda cute together, gotta admit

So that nurse is Liam’s step father ??

Okay. Everytime Braeden goes anywhere near Derek. Or he makes eye contact with her. I just tense up all over. Can’t a hot guy just stay single without all the girls jumping him ?!