A Promise To The Dead


Yes I am watching it today for the first time. Literally six months after it aired. I just didn’t get time coz I actually wanted to start the season again and watch it in one go coz it was confusing the crap out of me. But then, summer finished and I had to go back to college and I just got so busy.

I like Deaton being a total badass and saving people. It’s not like he just sits at his work place all day looking after animals and waiting for when the kids come to him with problems.

Poor Liam is losing it. He can’t even sleep at night :O And when he was tryna make Mason stay… Somebody get the kid more friends to have sleepovers with. He’s getting major creeps from his first monster encounter.

In a way Scott giving him the option to not be with them in all this is nice. But right now he actually does need them, I assume he’d feel safer around them than alone, or with his other friends.

Derek’s loft is just gonna become a sex-den at this rate. And uh now that they know all the money’s Peter’s, can they use a little ? But talk about awkward moments- Lydia turned up in the night and they confronted her half-naked. And now Kate burst in on Kira and Scott.

Did Lydia turning up to scream mean another sign that Derek’s gonna die ? worried :/

Sheriff: Malia. What’s your favourite food ? M: Deer. Sti: Pizza. She likes pizza.

Ouch! The way Peter shoved that rod in Chris and bent it, totally reminded me of TVD :O scared He was bleeding out all over his shoes by the time Parrish found him. And uh yeah, Parrish’s eyes <3_<3 heart eyes They look orange to me. still need to know what he is …

Oh God. Deaton spent the entire episode totally out of it. I hope he got some answers. I didn’t realise Lydia’s banshee powers could do that. Talk to him when he’s in whatever he was in.

Why does Peter want Malia to kill Kate ? Is he double-crossing Kate ? Or just purposely endangering Malia ?

Okay, so Scott did ask Derek before using his loft. That was one less way of them being interrupted. The only way I was assuming they would.

And oh my fuckin days !! That bitch is turning Scott into a berserker :O :O

The Dark Moon


So I’m quite late posting this. I was busy … Doing pretty much nothing. And enjoying my freedom from exams & college. 

Sti: That’s 50,000 for Derek. Araya: Now where would a teenage boy get money like that from ? Japanese mafia ? Not smart to come alone. Sti: What makes you think we came alone ? Araya: You brought a wolf into my home ?! Sti: We brought an Alpha.

Nope. Can’t take Malia dancing with Kira. such a nope. even if it was kinda hot 😛 How cute was Kira’s awkward dancing though. And Malia’s reaction to it…

S: Stiles. Take ten off the table

Sti: Come on. Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is ? No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist. Come on, just take the money.

S: He hasn’t been returning any of my texts. Sti: Does he ever return any of your texts ? S: Once. Definitely once

Araya: I have to admit, I dont have much experience with banshees.
L: That makes two of us. Since I dont have much experience being one.

Poor Scotty. Keeps getting zapped 😛 Brings out his macho face and just gets knocked down.

You had to kiss him to concentrate O.o ? Ugh don’t mind me, I’m still getting used to her….

Is it just me or does Arden look exceptionally freakin amazing in this episode. Like did you see her when she had to stand there and turn the dial on Scott ? She looked fuckin gorgeous heart eyes <3__<3

Araya: Say the name, Scott. S: Kate

And, uh, he looks daamn fine lying there covered in cobwebs.

M: Okay, I’l ask. Who’s Kate ? K: Uh, I’d like to know too.

S: Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are. L: What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch ? Bang

B: So how come you didn’t kiss her ? S: what ? B: How come you didn’t kiss your girlfriend ? S: You mean Kira ? B: Whatever her name is. S: She’s not really- I mean we’ve never actually- She’s not my girlfriend. B: So if you died down here, you’re gonna regret not kissing her ? B: You should’ve kissed your girlfriend

M: I wouldn’t leave you. Sti: Really ? ! M: No, I would never leave withou you. Damnit bitch, she’s getting too close to Stiles

S: I think I scared it. B: I think you scared everything.

M: Is that him ? Is that derek ? St: Uhhh. Sort of. Omg ! He’s gone young !! D’aww

The Divine Move


How can you do this ? It’s what we do. I was confused at first coz I thought Chris was in Scott’s head, and that’s why he asked.

Chris & Isaac!hug! What Are they saying ? I may be going a bit deaf 😛 I should seriously watch with subs.


Oh I totally squealed at Danny & Ethan’s lil moment on the stairs 3281 But they’re over now 😦

Nogitsune’s bags. It’s so bad. He’s eyes look like .. ohemgee … It’s just terrible 

Oni playing dead 🙂 Lol ! But they looked like they totally fell for it.

All the killing at the hospital. And him walking like a bad-ass in the middle of it all.

M: You’re an idiot. AM: What’s wrong with that ? M: Seriously ?!

In the middle of all this, Melissa wants him to work things out with Scott  35f

St: Did you bring us a present ? D: I brought two.

I hate ninjas 😛 Lol

No ! Stiles !!! I was fuckin crying almost. I would die if he killed himself 😦

Business book ? Chair & desk ? I’m just like wtf … Till I got the illusion thing.

Then it’s all ..It was an illusion ? Scott & Kira getting slashed was hurting me 😦 

Finally !! Them two are here. Thought they’d never get there. The box was for catching the fly ?! I thought there was gonna be another purpose to it. 

Stiles was clutching Lydia the whole time  3281

My God. I fainted didn’t I ?

Oh Aidan ! I’m sobbing with them 33a

Regression to the mean. The things Deaton says.

Derek telling his dream to Stiles ^^ Major fangirl moment b0c

33a Nooo !!! He can’t be dead 😦 The she-wolf that kept coming up was Kate ?!

I don’t wanna wait till June :((( 33f It feels like 3b just about started ! And now it’s over too quickly.



How far did Deaton reach down their throats ?! He just plucked the freakin flies out 32e

C: Sweetheart, do you want to tell me what insane asylum you escaped from?
D: Coach, insane asylum proper terminology anymore.
C: OK. Sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?

What’s the game Kira’s mom was tryna teach her ?

She’s mygirlfriend. You’re not my type. Obviously we have a lot to talk about.

He’s my type.

Koreans call it batuk. [That is what he said right ?]

The way … Stiles … On the phone 3281


Who’s the her that Chris & Derek were referring to ? And what is that red thing ? What was Chris so scared about that he needed Allison to wait for him ??

I don’t care. So long as no one else dies coz of me. I remember everything that I did Scott. 

Lil pep talk from Scott. A: I came to save my best friend. S: I came to save min. I: I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.

Popping up from behind, with smoky oni. It means there’s been a change in ownership. Now thay belong to me. Why does he look so freakin badass right there ?

Nonono. Who else is here ? Who came with you ? I didn’t even know she legit never wanted them there. I didn’t think those messages were actually from her.

What did Allison’s arrow do to the oni ?

Its bcoz it doesnt hurt. Its okay. It’s OK. It’s OK, it’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall. 

Confessions. Crying !! :((((( It was too fuckin sweet 33a ! Even though they were separated she still loved him. We already know Scott still did. Why did they break up anyway ??

What’s happening to Stiles ?! And the fucking nogitsune just snuck off 341



I just knew Stiles wasn’t gonna stay cuffed. His poor dad 😦 And what the fuck is going on with Agent Mccall ?! I don’t get what he needs to tell Scott.

Real Stiles would not have been able to throw Derek like that 🙂

Eewwwww !!!!!! The flies !! Bleugh !! 346
Isaac’s possessed now ?!


And Derek ?! I’m gonna cry 33f It was so gross how it went in. And Aidan ?! Wtf is going on ?!!?!

Stiles’ face whilst strangling Aidan 😦 Fuckin creepy

Doc you bought something to paralyze his body. You got anything for his mouth. Yes I do.

Why do those nails keep coming up ?? 361

He doesn’t look like he would survive a slap across the face, much less the bite of a werewolf. 

#Pale & sickly Stiles

When are you ppl gonna start trusting me ? I meant Stiles. /ohHis face though 🙂

Derek is kinda hot as a bad guy 328

This is my first time in someone else’s head. I totally expected them to get separated. But not that quickly.

Peter actually cares about Lydia. Lightbulb moment. Or did he just want the info after she gets back 35a 

We’re not together anymore. This is wrong. He’s snogging her whilst Lydia’s with the freakin nogitsune.

Stiles & nogitsune playing on the Nematon 🙂 Lol. Just looks funny in a kinda ironic way. I don’t really get how to say it 361

I was practically crying when Stiles was puking out bandages. I thought it was a snake. Then his tongue. Their faces ! They were so frikkin scared !

So it wasn’t Stiles’ that woke up ? But he came outta the bandages ? And wtf did the nogitsune do with Lydia ?

Stiles is safe now, right ?

P.S. I thought a main character was meant to die. And it pretty much looked like it was Isaac. But he’s not so dead atm. Crap ! Do I have to carry on fearing who’s gonna die ?

Letharia Vulpina


This episode is just full of death 😦 I spent a lot of it screaming Nooo!!

Deaton ! I was happy to see him. Ahaha … Just felt like it’s been a while 🙂

That freakin disaster at the hospital 322 ! Wow ! Just fuckin wow ! Personally I think people are quite stupid. In situations like that. They just all come jumping out their cars like … Curiosity is a dangerous thing. But poor Isaac 33a

What the fuck has Stiles been up to ?!

OhMyGod Coach ! Did he die ? It didn’t even show what happened to him.

Peter is a sneaky lil shit 😛 But he’s Malia’s dad ?! I don’t get it 361 Who did he have the kid with ? Her mom was her real mom right ? So she had a thing with a werewolf ?!

The guy that was checking the bomb in that gift box 🙂 Lol he’s funny ♥ Saying he’s handsome & shit. Telling him not to be sick on the potential bomb.

The way Scott freaked when he saw the guy at the station die 340 I felt for him.

But OhMyFuckinDaiiz ! Stiles at the end 322 I knew they shouldn’t have gone in their with him. And he was acting all that time.

Just knew it ! Coz he was fully possessed at the end of the last episode so obviously he wasn’t just gonna go back to being himself just like that.

And Derek’s gonna be alright yeah ? 33f



Okaiii …. This weeks episode finished way too quick. I was cherishing every second & hoping it’d last longer 😦

Firstly, don’t you think young Chris was kinda hot ? Well I think so. I didn’t even realize it was him at first. And that other guy, the one who those demons killed , when he looked up & his eyes changed color I was like :O till I got he was supposed to be kitsune, what with the being japanese & all.

Allison snogged Isaac again. I swear to God she better not end up getting with Scott again. I want him to move on & find someone better. So he can forget about her.

But Isaac looks hot in a suit. And I almost died when he walked into the place in sunglasses & all like Gentlemen …

Okay enough about that. Derek finally joined in on the action 😀 When that door opened & all I saw was fog, I expected something evil. But when Derek leapt in I was so happy !

Ooh that almost kiss between Scott & Kira. 😉

Why the fuck did Scott’s dad walk up to that thing ?! Like who in their right mind would do that ?

When that other guy was talking about kitsunes & their types I was so scared Kira was the evil one. Then Scott takes her with him so the Oni can check. I was on the edge of my fuckin seat ! Thank Heavens she wasn’t evil *sigh*

Soo Stiles is possesed. Like how many times has that happened in fics (the ones written after 3a) ? That was just so wierd coz it actually happened.

I was just happy he’s no longer the little human coz eben Lydia has her banshee thing.

Now I think it’s kinda scary. He’s not really himself. 322

You know when Melissa got out that file on his mom I was like Oh ! His mom had this illness. Bahaha I was Wroong.

When he goes to Melissa Thanks Mom I just went 33f into a pile of mush

Lastly, don’t you think it was fuckin creepy how calm he was when Scott found him ? I got the bloody shivers