This Dream


Okay so this was weird

At the start it was Chanyeol & Luhan. I was Chanyeol. Somebody close to me had passed away, a parent most likely. The grave was behind the hostel I lived in at boarding school.

Funeral finishes, everyone leaves & I, Chanyeol, bring Luhan forward to introduce him as my special someone to the deceased.

And the person told us about stuff & powers we have when together. Then to seal it we had to place this white rose under the ledge of the tombstone together.

Somehow got a lil private moment after that. And one of my classmates just popped up. She freaked & tried to quickly get away but a car appeared out of nowhere.

We remembered that we can stop vehicles in time when we clap hands, like high-five [It’s a dream okay ? I can’t help what happens].

We stopped the car then just ran around having silly fun with this new skill.

And I was just feeling so warm & fuzzy. Somewhere along the way Chanyeol & Lu changed into me & a mate from my school days.

Like we weren’t even doing much. But sometimes just being in that person’s presence can seem so amazing.