I’m not the type to feel guilty of being persistent or annoying, even if I’m the only one still making an attempt. I don’t like letting go 😋 unless I wanna.

But why am I suddenly developing a thing (conscience ? I don’t think it’s called that) ? — feeling puzzled.

I hate this feeling of missing someone ☹ I feel so incomplete.

Charity Fete


Let’s talk about yesterday

Just thinking about it is tiring me out again.

Well first of all, do you know how far Sutton Cole-field is ?? It took us so long to get there, Io thought I was gonna puke on the bus. And that is one of the few forms of transport I am actually fine with. I’m pretty sure we even passed the motorway to get there.

Then the damn bus reached its last destination. At nine am !! we couldn’t even wait for the next one coz we’d get late, so we walked the rest of the way. Almost got lost as well.

Anyways when we finally got there, These sick vehicles were there 😛 No but seriously, I was impressed. Their basically one of the few things I actually took pics of.

 green lamborghini black bentley

Oh and these huskies. Found out there was a dog show. Explains all the doggies that were there, causing me to be very cautious.


We had this stand. It’s where you get s prize if you pick a blue ball. Don’t think it was much of a hit though :/  And that big guy in the second one is our mascot 🙂

stall2 stall

Oh and this was placed next to us. Scared the shit out of me many times, as I walked past.


This Penalty Shoot Out was also ours. Same here, not many turned up. Oh yeah, plus my mate started whingeing it was a man’s job. I was so offended. She thought we wouldn’t be able to put it up. How does she still not know me well enough ?! I won’t give in to things like that. Plus I’m an independent girl. Well I showed her by putting it up, And forcing her to help me. Well lookie here …

penalty shoot-out

Our last one was a smoothie bike. Big hit ! I swear. But to my great regret, I have no decent pics of it.

That one had me on my feet all day. Was also my first time riding a bike *cringe* When I made mine, I got my mate to get on it. But later I decided to get on myself, to make one for the person I was running the stall with.

But by the end of the day, I was so knackered it was unbelievable. My feet felt like they’d drop off. Plus my fam somehow had no idea where the hell I was.

Figures. I did leave at 7am when they were all in bed. Got back home like at 6 !  Almost 12 bloody hours.

Just soaked my feet, it hurt to even place them on anything. Then slept straight from 7 till 3am. Dunno how it was possible for me to wake up, eat & go back to sleep till the next morning :O