The Client ’11


Freakin awesome !!! Was hooked from the beginning 🙂

Totally thought Ahn Minho was behind it though.

Ugh. Spent a whole movie thinking he was innocent. And then the damn dam. Put everything in place. Plus when Ahn mentioned that he never looked back at the door.

Just thought he was a poor guy who’d got in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But the high school girl who was raped ? Pretty much did it for me.

According to me, if that incident was true, he deserves everything coming his way 😡 As I may have mentioned many times before, I have very strong views against rape. End of.

When Kang was going to see him after he’d been cleared of charges, I was shitting myself. Like Why the fuck are you going to him alone ? Without telling anyone where you are. The man’s a killer !!

Poor wife though. Imagine finding that tooth. He deffo was out of his mind. Ugh ! I’m shuddering thinking about it