Hyde, Jekyll, Me


Okay. So now I know why they rushed Pinocchio on the last week. This show was starting ^__^ Nvm I think I’m gonna enjoy this.

Spent most of the first episode confused out of my fuckin mind. Had absolutely no idea what was happening. But his little meditation thing is adorable ^__^

His main bodyguard is really cute :O But that Managing Director Ryu Seung Yeon, is he related to Seo Jin or something ? Family ? I’m suspicious of him.

When that gorilla popped out I was dying from the bloody randomness of the show ^_^ :D !! Bing Bing ! Wagh, she’s so adorable already.

He is such a shit ! Literally cancelling the contract twice in less than a fuckin hour !!

Damnit ! This is Pinocchio all over again ! In that I’m dying over every other guy bcoz cuuute!!~ Like this shit ..

eun changwelcome back

Fuckin look at him. I’m dying here. He’s adorable. Pls don’t do this to me. Please !

How did Dr Kang get his code blue emergency call so bloody late ? Who’s the man that walked into her office so suddenly ? Someone who has a grudge against her ? Or doesn’t want Seo Jin treated, Robin gone forever ?

Can’t believe she used a freakin wire to get into the hospital ! Doesn’t still count as treading on his land seeing as she step foot in the hospital anyways ?

wire1 wire2

Seo Jin is such a shit though. He always sacrifices other people unnecessarily. Like, I know you don’t go out of your way to help others. But must you go out of your way to ensure they aren’t safe ? There doesn’t have to be anyone getting hurt in most of these situations.

She was getting choked by the killer whilst Seo Jin was choking coz Robin was emerging .. Aahh.

So, Hana brought Robin out that first time ? Seo Jin was gonna commit suicide and she fell stopping him, so Robin appeared and saved her. Okay, got that straight.

Don’t thank me, it’s in my nature.

Argh! Coz of him she’s a lone witness to this crime. The way they both just barge into the room though. Leave the Inspector outside like, the fuck you guys.

i saw

I literally thought she’d say she saw his face. Even though that’s kinda impossible coz he was in the bathroom still. And even if it was his alter, Robin’s a good guy.

Hana: Its important to you ? That’s good then, since I unintentionally screwed you.

H: And it is an important thing to you ? S: Yeah

H: So, you need me ? S: Yeah

H: You really need me ? S: Yeah

H: Then, I won”t do it. I can’t.

Yoon Tae Joo, do I smell a second lead coming on ?? Or is it just gonna be Robin & Seo Jin ?? But Seo Jin’s such a dick lately… But I guess that’s how it usually starts, I’ve just been led astray coz of Pinocchio where he was a total uuuugh sweetie.

She’s getting all deep into clues and shit of how he knew it was her. When really he just got a damn text 🙂


I seriously thought it was Jae Myeong from Pinocchio 🙂 Got a little too happy.

Wonder Land was her childhood, right ? It’s where she grew up. She probably has so many memories of the place. That’s why she’s even more reluctant to leave. Aish ! But he obviously has bad memories. Was that flashback a kidnapping ?!

She literally stood there waiting for the damn disco ball to fall on her !


Is that really necessary, boys ? And is that a tracking device in his shoes ??


I’m guessing her and Robin must have played as kids in Wonderland ? Just obviously not together, seeing as she only remembers that kid as the prince from the bridge, not her childhood friend or something.