The Benefactor


P: You have an expert on teenage cannibalism ?
It was Derek 😀

Sti: What did you do with him anyways ? S: He’s upstairs. Sti: Doing what ? S: Uh uhhhm. Lying down …

Sti: so you bit him. S: Yeah
Sti: And you kidnapped S: yeah
Sti: Then brought him here S: I panicked
Sti: This isn’t gonna end with us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert is it ? As a reminder, this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans, suck.

Uhh. Uh oh. Uhh oh. Is he ? Is he crying ?

Lol. Stiles’ dad walking in on him & Malia trying her restraints out. Sti: Hey. Uhm. That’s. This is not what you think, at all.
Sheriff: I don’t even wanna know.

K: Remember my dad was a world war 2 buff. And my mom was, well, in it.

Garret’s girlfriend Violet … Is Stella from Melissa & Joey O.o

What color are Liam’s eyes ? Oh wait. Just yellow, right ? That’s normal.

S: Liam. We’re brothers now.
Liam: What ?
Sti: Oh god that’s …
Liam: What are you talking about ? We just met. And you bit me.
S: The bite. The bite is a gift.
Sti: Scott stop. Please stop. Just stop.
(Trying to say exactly what Derek said)

L: No. I’m done with teenage boys. But. If we’re playing a trick on someone. Lets use the trickster. K: Who me ? No way. Not me. L: Yes you. You know what they call a female fox ? A vixen. K: Me ?

Lol ! Walking down all sexy like. Then bam! on her face. Lool guess that’s just Kira. Hella hot but absolute dork, wrapped into one.

P: I think I can handle a little fire.
Oh, hell. Derek looks like he’s gonna enjoy burning out the wolfsbane 😛
P: He said he was after you. D: How does a guy with no mouth say anything ? P: With this.

K: Sorry. Liam: What the hell is this ? Sti: Think of it like an intervention. You have a problem, Liam. S: And we’re the only ones that can help.

Sheriff: I still don’t get how this guy has no mouth. I mean, how can he eat ? D: Peter didn’t get a chance to ask. He was fighting him off with a tomahawk buried in his chest. Sheriff: Yeah, and who runs around with a tomahawk. Well, you see, Parish carried one 😉

These freshmen are all so weird.
That guy with the keg was a were O.o The black girl is a what ? The blonde, Garret, has connections with the Benefactor ?!

Where are the voices gone ? What the fuck is happening to Lydia ?! Oh damnit. I was watching a weird link O.o Missed the whole convo between her and Mason. I thought her family was stinkin rich :/ Why is it that everyone is having money problems at the exact same time ?

K: What about him ? S: He can dance with me next time.

K: I also just heard you growl. S: That wasnt me.

D: You know, just bcoz this guy connected to the school wifi, doesn’t mean he’s still here. Sheriff: True. But I’ve seen enough in this school to keep a gun in my hand when walking in after dark.

Sheriff: You nervous makes me nervous.

Sti: Control, is overrated.

Chris ! He’s back. Chris: I got your text. That made me lol.

You have the right to remain silent.

P: I’m a creature of habit.

He wont listen to me. He will if you start using your own words. /not Derek’s/