Ep 12-14


Episode 12

Ouch !! They made him bleed so much 😦 And then she jumps in. Last second.

Jan Di: You said you could take on ten guys like that & be fine.

F4 bros to the rescue ! Did Yi Jung fight with a hand in his pocket ? Obviously Ji Hoo would be the type to just fight without fighting ^^

I can’t believe her mom went to freaking beg ! :O
Yay ! Jan Di returned the money

Ji Hoo: You called 911 ? I came to put out the fire.

Pancakes 🙂 Ji Hoo’s comfort food
He took her to ski with the others. But he never stayed with.

Yi Jung: I smell whiffs of a proposal when I see it. About the necklace.

So she went back to Ji Hoo’s after. I swear, them two’s friendship is … Special.

Sneaky way to get her to find it. Awww, what he said is soo cute. I ‘knew’ those girls would take it. As soon as they found out.

Oh & Stand By Me is totally their song ♥ 

Ga Eul, smiling when Yi Jung saved her. Ugh. Those two are cute without realizing.

Jun Pyo: You trample on my heart like it’s nothing 33a But … But …. It wasn’t her fault this time.
She went up to the mountain 😦 To look for it, in a storm. Hah, those bitches are starting to feel bad for sending her up just before a storm started.
Jan Di: I came to look for your heart.

Ji Hoo wants to go save her like usual. But they won’t let him coz of the storm. Don’t you get it ? He can’t sit by whilst she’s in danger.

Jun Pyo’s sitting there half-naked & freezing. First time Jan Di initiated a date. But Jun Pyo never made it.

Ouch ! I’ll spend a long time feeling sad for Ji Hoo. He’s there to comfort her when she’s crying over Jun Pyo. Sees her text, He said he loved her :’)

Episode 13

He’s been gone for half a year ?! F4 in uni ? Wow !

Jun Pyo’s gon be put in charge of Shinhwa Group now ?

Jan Di’s family make kitties 3281
Ji Hoo is a conductor 🙂 Makes sense, he loves to play a lot of instruments. Though I’ve only seen him on three so far.
Jan Di’s mom: He looks like a living statue.
Ji Hoo arranges a vid mssg, his face while listening to Jan Di recording 😦 Cute how she doesn’t know what to say at first. Then he starts playing 🙂 And Jan Di goes over to him.

Yi Jung at work 🙂 Pottery. So into it.
Ga Eul just watching. Yi Jung: Am I that handsome ? There’s not one woman who’s not smitten by this sight.

That old man keeps coming for random foods.
Ooh ! Is he Ji Hoo’s granddad ??? Just a random thought.

Ji Hoo took her to hospital. I thought he was gonna before, that time he instead went to record the vid. I was wondering how she hurt it when her bro asked. It was that time with those guys 😦

I love when Ji Hoo does cute stuff like wipe her tears ❤
He never says Seo Hyun’s name. Just thought about it. He says that person. Probably too painful.

Someone made a movie out of what Jan Di said to Ji Hoo 😀

Oooh She wants to go see Jun Pyo.
Use F4 to get customers. So, why did they come over ? Ji Hoo’s idea ?

But she’s not allowed to swim.
They’re all getting so emotional watching her swim one last time.
Awww. Retirement ceremony 328 Ji Hoo couldn’t carry on reading. Poor Ji Hoo 340 When she was so happy to be going to Jun Pyo

Her English ^^ It’s so cute. I’ll never get over how they sound talking English. So fuckin adorable !
No ! Jun Pyo ! You drove right past her
Jan Di: I came to beat Gu Jun Pyo.
She’s wearing heels ?! Ewww, she changed after meeting these guys. She’s gone girly 346
I know that girl is someone important. Jan Di don’t see the suits following. Ha Jae Kyung

How could Jun Pyo walk off after seeing Jan Di ??

Ewww. These guys got her. Seriously, using a kid as bait.
He’s not here to save you darling. You should be screaming for Ji Hoo Sunbae, he’s the one who’s always been there for you. From the very start.
F4 followed her ?!
Prince Song. His rep man

Ji Hoo: We knew you’d be crying like this.
It’s like they’re big bros she never had. Umm, maybe not Ji Hoo. He may act like them most times, but when you know he likes her …

Episode 14

Jan Di: She’s my life saver. Woobin: But. That’s us !

I knew it ! That Jae Kyung she met is Jun Pyo’s fiance ! No. Plz. Save them.
Ji Hoo: /big eyes/ Let’s go someplace else. Yi Jung: Why ? You feel like you’re in Venice, so you’re  craving for Italian food. That look Yi Jung gave Ji Hoo. Woobin’s Come on guys.

Who’s sending pics to Jun Pyo ??
Jan Di: I’ll wonder if I just dreamed it on my own. Ji Hoo: It’s not a dream If it were, it wouldn’t have been so painful. He’s hurting so much 33f

What a wake up call, Jun Pyo. Ok, that’s enough. I love how he sounds saying that ^^ You, really … If you weren’t the chief manager, I’d fire you. Keep standing. 

Chief Jung secretly takes him to his mates, by lying about a mayor 333

Her black knights ^^
Yi Jung. Beat up Jun Pyo. Yi Jung: even if I’ve dated & broken up 20 times. I’ve never acted like this. At least he doesn’t go for the innocent girls.

When she saw the City of Lovers ad. The way Ji Hoo tried to take off her mask, then just hugged her.

Ji Hoo: As a friend, I need a favor.

Jun Pyo: Tell me.

Ji Hoo: Meet her just once. 

Jun Pyo: Why should I do that ?

Ji Hoo: didn’t I say that it’s a favor, as a friend ?

Jun Pyo: And if I ask why you’re asking for that kind of favor ?

Ji Hoo: Because that’s the only thing I can do for her right now. 


Ji Hoo & chasing after girls to airport.

Jan Di: I’ve heard of gymnastics during moonlit night, but what’s with the stroll at dawn ? Personally, I think stroll at dawn sounds so romantic 328

I thought he wouldn’t even look at her. Jun Pyo: Like a stain I want to erase. Kinda harsh, you bitch. Even if you think you’re doing it for her.

Jun Pyo: If you break your promise, I’ll destroy everything. Good to know he still loves her. But I wouldn’t trust your bitch of a mom, ever.

Ji Hoo: /in chinese/ Can this pretty lady buy an ice cream from me please ?

Jan Di: I’m sorry, but my Chinese is not good … /looks at him/ What did you just say ?

Ji Hoo: Uh, ugly girl, please buy some ice cream.

Jan Di: Do you really think you can sell anything with that line ?

Ji Hoo: But you’d still buy it, wouldn’t you ?

Jan Di: How much is it ?

Ji Hoo: Uhhh, today.

Jan Di: What ?

Ji Hoo: Give me today as payment for the ice cream.

The fuckin president. It is him. He’s a doc now ?! The fuck.

Knew Jun Pyo would go buy the shoes for her. Either that or Ji Hoo.
Grabs the girl coz she’s similar size. That guy is quite helpful to him, regarding Jan Di. Though he works for his mom, I’m sure.

Min. From Julliards. Luv his baby voice.
Is he gay 😉 Clings to Ji Hoo, like a lot.

What. You didn’t know Ji Hoo had friends other than you & F4 ? Just coz you doesn’t.

Bloopers ; Jun Pyo messed up the kiss ^^