Marrying the Mafia ’14


Okay lol ! The feet thing at the beginning xD

What is it with taking responsibility. And having to freakin marry just to do so ?! Especially when they already are in relationships. Reminds me of He Was Cool.

Young min is sho cyute. With his long hair. And he just flips it. Lil adorable shit. Lying to his daddy.

Lol. Mi soo beating Miss Won up. I swear that drinks machine must have broken down.

The wedding was quite random. Just went ahead right to it. One minute car chase, next minute wedding.
I swear I thought her brother was gonna die, the not-chubby one. His blood was all over the escalotor screen.

When Triple J was getting ready to fight Sang Pil & his guys, JinKyung was lifting her skirts to join in 😛

Can’t believe it !! Her brothers set it up from the start. That just ruins it all.