Our School’s E.T ’08


Random English. Oh shit. Oh fucking man.

Principal Joo is Mr. ku from Coffee Prince :O And Mr. Chun’s mom is the grandma.

Where’s the guy Sang Hoon fought at the start gone ?

His open class ^^ A hit

If i get rich I’m going to get you a hair transplant .

Aww he’s crying. I’ll come see you whenever I miss you

Jung Koo. In the ring.
I’ll confess to her for you if you win

Run laps singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lol

She ended up at the place he teaches 😊

Kdramas always have the most awesome teachers ^^

Belated Bdays <3


I have not been keeping up with birthdays lately. Well I have. But not doing my usual posting for them.

First I was swamped with exams so I barely had time to breathe. But recently, within the last week & a half I’ve actually been too busy being free.

I literally haven’t done anything productive since my last exam. And I actually consider watching the movies I’ve left till now & catching up on my shows as being productive 😛

So happy belated birthday to my lovely squishy Ryeo, freakin gorgeous Lee Minho (Oooh Gu Jun Pyo) & the legendary Rain !!!!