Muoi: The Legend Of A Portrait ’07


I don’t really know what to say on this. Except I hate when fuckin horror movies don’t have closure.

But I guess it wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be so there’s that.

But poor Suyeon forgot her name already. Can’t believe what Jihoon did to her ?!

I’m sorry but I have very strong views on rape. And incest. It’s like so strong though I’ve never experienced it Thank God.

Crazy Waiting ’08


Jinah & Eunsuk – Kisung (his mate)
Wonjae (drummer boy) & Hyejong (doc)
Boram(minzy) likes Minchul (buzzcut) dating Han na (longhaired frm band) Hyoshin lives with Biang, Wook (funny head) Biang’s bf

Okaii ~ I don’t even know why I watched this. Just depressing & got tiring after a bit.

Wonjae & Hyojongwere the only original couple still together at the end.

I thought Wook was Biang’s big bro, then died of shock when I found out he was her bf.

He Was Cool ’04


Parts of this were fuckin hilarious. So I loved it.

Eun Sung can fight (:

But Jung Min is fuckin gorgeous ! I love his freakin hair ❤ Is he really her boyfriend ?! Like she didn’t even dump him or anything, but she was still with Eun Sung whilst Jung Min was in Korea :/

And he totally flipped coz of the Han Sung thing. They weren’t even dating ! He just took her out for her bday. But the rose trick was cool though (:

But then he admitted he liked her, so I kinda get it.

Basically it was cute. But some things were a bit effed up. But, hey that’s life.

And I need to get to bed. Got a G482 exam in the morning.

The Beast & the Beauty ’04


Just watching this. Dong-gun is fuckin hilarious ! I wondered why his face suddenly changed when he was at work.

Can’t believe he’s getting surgery for her ^^

Hae Joo’s too nice 😦 Now freakin Junha’s after her. But it was cute how she was to the 3rd Dragon guy.

My heart just slowly broke throughout. And fuckin exploded on the airport scene. And the way he just called her up & said he didn’t wanna see her no more 😥

Up until that other Dragon introduced himself, I was like Who the fuck is this other guy stalking them ?

But God, the cart 😀 Lol !

Aww ^^ the ending was so sweet

Luved this movie !! ❤

Miss Change ’13


One too many sex scenes for something I was watching with my kid sister (´・_・`)

I was really in the mood for something freakin hilarious.

Oh yeah. And another thing. I expected the girl who changed their lives to actually be a living breathing person.

Like how was she dead ? When he picked her up from the garbage bins, her arms were like touching his face & stuff. And even in the house, when he left her on the coach she rubbed her face or something like that.

Oh well, the movie was pretty decent anyways.

The way Hyeon Gu Is that his nsme ? was acting when he went to see President Kim as the girl ! It was freakin cringingly wierd.

And I fuckin died when I realized why the morgue guy went into shock O(≧∇≦)O !!

At the end when the old woman appeared, I was totally expecting it ! Lol. She gets a whole new start in a young body. Won’t it be awkward when guys hit on her ? Coz they’re all actually quite young compared to her 😛

When she stuck out her thumb to hail the motorcycle guy (>_<) ! I’m like She has a thing for her thumbs coz how she danced during the creds. Plus she even called him young man.