An Unblinking Death


Kieran going all Sean on Josh, ‘The city. The city is full of monsters‘ and he’s just like. Uhh. Yeah. Trust me. I know. Remind me to never piss of a witch.

E: I took it upon myself to place it Where naughty little fingers could not pry

Calling a doctor for Kieran ? Joshua ! You know you can compel him right ? He is the worst at compelling 😀

I thought the person on the motorcycle was Klaus. N I’m like 😀 !! Explosion ! What’s all the buzzin. I thought the kid was a ghost ! Wolsbane in the gastank. Elijah’s a mess !!

I didn’t even suspect Marcel.

Hayley can’t go off alone ! What if something happens ?!

Another blast ! Oh, the blonde woman. Evie 😦 She hasn’t activated her wolf yet.

Cammie ! what is she doing ?! Kieran bit his fuckin thumb off :O !

M: Come on in ! Have a seat. I’d offer you a drink but … Uh. So it’s not Marcel ? Who is it then ?? M: See I have this thing, about kids. H: So I’ve heard. M: Ah. You did more than hear about it. Andrea. Lebanair. You’re living proof.

C: What the hell are you doing ? K: Massaging his heart.

Who did Olly make a thing with ?? He killed Evie !

And unfortunately In troubled times, ppl do not look for the best. They look for the loudest.

G: You don’t think I did this. What kind of monster do you take me for ? How ugly I must seem next to the pure innocent glow of your precious Camille.

Uh oh. C: Have you changed your mind ? Kieran: Yes. It appears I have. K to Kieran: You deserved far better than this.

K to M: She woke in the dark. Not knowing where she was. Or who was watching over her. It was your name she called out. If you can give her comfort. So be it.

Joshua: Yes. I do not feel awesome about this. They took the key off Kieran ?

E: Mayhem has descended upon our home. If I’m to choose a side, to our victory brother.