Baby & Me ’08


Lolz. His parents ran away from home.

Woo Rahm, who named the kid ? He’s Han Jjoon Soo, so his kid gone be Han Woo Rahm (: Just thinking

How many kids do you have ?
Us ? Nine

Sorry. I won’t ever bring us back here again. I was literally sobbing at how cute he is with this kid :’)

They just told me not to come. Because of your grandson.
So touching watching him tell his parents.

Sleep. Sleep tight.

I did my best. My very best. To raise him properly.

Omo ! Am I the only one who wanted to cry when I found out it wasn’t his ?
Even though I was kinda expecting it from the v.start. Mainly coz of the way he’s like ‘Girls ? No.’ its just gonna be the three of us.

But he was pretty cool, like Byul said, when he’s like give me back my baby ! And the kids just reaching out to him ^^

Lol. The kiss. You got served, dad.