What The Fuck


This was at college today

Well I couldn’t be bothered going with to drop someone off, so I said I’d just wait where I was & they’d pick me up.

Soon as they were gone a random guy sat with me. Started asking about the files & shit. I thought he was just messing coz of where we were, it could totally look like a hushhush meeting.

But he wouldn’t shut the fuck up ?! I was starting to freak out.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I stuck my earphones in & got out my phone. Coz no matter what I said he wouldn’t shoo.

He finally left saying he’d message me.

S turned up right after. I’m thinking, couldn’t you have been a bit quicker ? But in a way I was like, Thank God you didn’t see me in the awkward situation. No end of immature teasing would’ve begun.

But then we kept seeing him everywhere for like the next 2 hours ! And he was like waving at my mate & stuff 35f



I just got out of my Further Maths lesson
And let’s just say I’m gonna die

Basically what happened was … We’re doing Binomials & my teacher used an example of a biased coin. Important part being coin.

So we had the probability of head or tail.
Everytime he said Head all the guys cracked up.

Being the only girl in the class I tried to just pay attention as if I had no idea what they were on about.

I just happened to be chewing at that precise moment which resulted in me swallowing the damn thing ! I was feeling sick to my stomach as it was & now I had to drink tons of water in the hope of helping it down

I swear they makes it so hard for me to be the only one in class. I need my mate to come back in. She used to be in my class but moved. And left me all on my lonesome 😦

So basically yeah Now I think I’m gonna die