Antique Bakery ’08


Loved this movie 😄 Was really funny I guess, plus an interesting storyline.
But I don’t get what they guy did to him. Or any of the kids he kidnapped. His kid died right, called Ji Su or summat.

Jae Wook’s role does justice to his looks 😏 And he plays a 👌 gay guy. But shame he let the French guy go though. Did that bastard beat him ?

He Was Cool ’04


Parts of this were fuckin hilarious. So I loved it.

Eun Sung can fight (:

But Jung Min is fuckin gorgeous ! I love his freakin hair ❤ Is he really her boyfriend ?! Like she didn’t even dump him or anything, but she was still with Eun Sung whilst Jung Min was in Korea :/

And he totally flipped coz of the Han Sung thing. They weren’t even dating ! He just took her out for her bday. But the rose trick was cool though (:

But then he admitted he liked her, so I kinda get it.

Basically it was cute. But some things were a bit effed up. But, hey that’s life.

And I need to get to bed. Got a G482 exam in the morning.