Man On Fire


Enzo to C: Seventy years of captivity & she was the one face I clung on to.

S to E: Did i say Damon ? What I meant to say was George.

Shite ! Did Stefan kill Maggie ? But everyone says 1960 he was clean.

Omg it was Damon !

Damon to Maggie: Vividly. It was very hot. Lots of screaming. About the fire in Gilbert House (?) 

Enzo: Coz if I hate you, then I’d have nothing left. Ouch. Right in the feels !
Enzo: There we are. You’re right, I don’t have a care in the world.

Marcose looks familiar from somewhere
D: Yup. Emotion free bye bye humanity.

S to Enzo: I know why Damon didn’t wanna deal with you anymore. You don’t shut up.

Enzo: I think it’s time we both stop coddling him. Stefan & Enzo’s fight. Fuck ! Enzo: Have fun sorting this out with your brother.

S to E: Wouldn’t it be better if no humanity Enzo left for parts unknown & was never heard of again ?

Damon & Stefan’s heartfelt convo, D: Even a crappy one like me ? Even a crappy one like you.
You have to tell him now 😦

Farewell To Storyville


A trial ? Really ?!

Wow ! Elijah is fast. I didn’t even see that. 35f I thought my screen was lagging so I went back to see it again. You wouldn’t listen to her. So now you must listen to me.

She tried to kill Michael ?? Coz of how he treated Klaus. Come on .. That’s gotta trump her betrayal. 

So help me Niklaus

Sureyou dress it up with your fancysuits & handkerchiefs. With your mask of eloquence & civility He putit in Elijah ! Gasp

You’re insane !  Yes. Yes !
You wanted me dead ! Admit it !
The amount of times he said Admit it !

You missed my heart. Perhaps I did. Or perhaps I never meant to kill you. Her face. She looked terrified. When he stabbed her, then he sat looking at the stake I was like Huh ? How did he take it back out ?Is she dead ? Oh.

And poor Elijah. He dedicates himself to everyone but himself. And he’s just lying there with that dagger in him.

We are the definition of cursed. Always & Forever

Very deep but … He’s still in there

He just zooms in like, I trust I need no introduction.

That is all. Run along. When he’s done 🙂

But not me. I’m finally free. She looked so happy when she was driving off. I was shitting myself thinking somethings gonna happen right then.

Be sure to tell her stories of her crazy auntie Becks