When The Hour Hand Is Up~kyu5671


Another awesome one.

Tragically heartbreaking. But I seem to be a sucker for that.

I’ll admit at first I didn’t really want to read it, but the intro kinda pulled me in. What scared me away was thinking it would be LuhanxLay pairing, I’m hardcore HunHan ship 😛

But it doesn’t have any actual pairings. Though I personally think a few are kinda hinted at; Suho & Chen – when Chen pulks him onto the sofa to sleep with him, Kyungsoo & Jongin – tangled up on the floor in their sleep, Luhan & Sehun – the person Lu told first, Sehun running to hug him as soon as he saw him, yeah maybe I’m going ott & when they go to have some time alone, Baekhyun & Chanyeol – just being nuisances together, I maybe just see coz I wanna.

But these are more like bromances between the pairings ❤

So go read this 😀

Victim of my Presence


Do you know how much hard work it is to write a chaptered fic ?

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing fics. They’re like the only thing I can write coz I hate English – I mean the subject.

I was actually suprised when I started writing. I’m like Wow I’m liking this.

My hatred for the English subject is probably coz I hated writing in such a limited field. They like give you a topic/subject & expect you to write pages on it.

It totally limits creativity. I remember one year, we had this awesome teacher, and for this creative writing task she just let us go all out. We could write anything we wanted, with the promise of not being judged. Coz I went to this private school where the teachers were kinda fucked up when it came to our mentalities. I’ll stop before I go into full-blown rant. Long story short, it was the best piece I’d ever written in my life. Coming from me, a girl who’d convinced herself she had zero creativity when it came to writing. And it was also the most fun I’d ever had doing it.

Anyways I just wanted to share the only chaptered fic I’ve written so far. I only started in December. The rest were one-shots, coz I don’t think I have it in me to stick to one thing for too long.

My Story – Victim of my Presence