Belated Bdays <3


I have not been keeping up with birthdays lately. Well I have. But not doing my usual posting for them.

First I was swamped with exams so I barely had time to breathe. But recently, within the last week & a half I’ve actually been too busy being free.

I literally haven’t done anything productive since my last exam. And I actually consider watching the movies I’ve left till now & catching up on my shows as being productive 😛

So happy belated birthday to my lovely squishy Ryeo, freakin gorgeous Lee Minho (Oooh Gu Jun Pyo) & the legendary Rain !!!!

Two Lessons Down, Three To Go


As of now, I am officially finished in two lessons. Yay ! No more Bio & Chem 🙂

Only thing is I found out next week will be last week of this. Though all my exams don’t necassarily finish then.
So I don’t get that long of having lots of frees 😦

​Agh ! But these two last exams were hell ! ​ I have no hope for passing now …..

At least I get to go home before 4 on days other than Wednesday.
Hah. It only happens in exam week.

​Got 5 exams left, done 7 so far​



It’s our darlin Suho’s bday today ^^ Uh, look at me. Posting this in a rush in between revision. This is my life now.

I’m dying ! Need to watch some kdrama before I self-combust. If it’s possible.

Plus I need to get on my blog & sort it out. It’s a fuckin mess & just thinking about it is killing me.
Talk about exam stress. Haven’t done anything in months. Except last nights Dance Festival. Which was awesome !

Oh Yeah ! Almost forgot. I just realized today that straight after half-term since F212 & F232 are on the first two daiiz back I’ve got an extra 8 hours to concentrate on Physics G482 & Maths units !!
My stress levels will go down drastically. I hope.

Nowhere To Go


Ugh ! I’m gonna fall asleep here.

Not going home coz that bitch is staying over tonight. Even though we told my mom we’ve got exams from now til end of the year !

Well, Way to go. I’ve got hours left yet, and I’m already tired

And todays Physics exam was shiit. I didn’t even finish So uh yay there.

Head off to the library now. Think college is closing now. Ugh I’m like homeless 😛 Not funny. She needs to go !