Kill Me, Heal Me [Ep1-4]


Argh !! Why did I even start this when I’m already watching Hyde, Jekyll, Me ?!!?! Anyways I started this yesterday coz was watching it with friends.

It’s like a more serious version of the other. Not so much silliness. But omg Shin Se Ki is so goddamn hot :o !! I was confused at first coz I didn’t realize this was another D.I.D.

I thought Oh Ri Jin was a mental patient in the psychiatric ward at first. Took me a while to realize she was a doctor. Specifically up till she took her coat off to reveal her outfit.

I really wanna know why the grandma and the whole fam treats Do Hyun’s mom so bad. Plus I know the grandma from another drama :/ Just can’t remember where from atm.

Even his cousin, Ki Joon !! I know him too. And who the fuck is the girl Do Hyun can’t forget ?? I’m still waiting damnit. Is it Chae Yeon :/ He was meant to meet her on Christmas, but got dumped by one of his alters’ girls right before she turned up ?

I really like Heo Seok Hee’s character 🙂 She’s so crazy. And she appeared to read Do Hyun so well at the club. It doesn’t help that Ri Jin totally acts like a crazy person.. So easy for Ms. Seok Hee to pull that act of being the doctor, not the patient.

I’m finding it so hard to get the thought out of my head that Se Ki might’ve met Ri Jin when they were both children. Seeing as he said he met his first love. I doubt he means he fell in love right then for the first time ever.

h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 h7

But her inner monologue totally kills me omg.

Judging by Doctor Oh’s screams, she isn’t hating it. Lmao. Just strips off everything :O


Can’t stand that fuckin intense stare. Can’t blame her though. Who could ?

look down


only one


How could I forget the look in those eyes ? And he rocks that guyliner <3_<3 heart eyes

But he looked so freakin scary here. Se Ki being Do Hyun for a bit. This face will haunt me.

happykill me

It’s twilight burgundy.

siberian husky

Its EXO’s Baekhyun’s makeup. Don’t you know ?

Her meeting her mom was the fuckin cutest shit ever ! This goddamn family man. They’re so cute ^_^ :D

Why does her bro have pictures of Do Hyun in his room. Saw it on a paper in his car aswell. And he’s voluntarily given himself different personalities. Guess this will help Ri Jin realise about Se Ki/Do Hyun.

Damnit ! That guy goes and kidnaps her coz of the freakin jacket. Ugh ! More piss taking is neither Se Ki or Do Hyun know where the damn jacket even is ! But obviously no one lets the damn girl even speak -.- But Secretary Ahn, what fuckin weak punches were those ??

Soon as the yellow eyes showed, I knew Se Ki wasn’t coming out. He’s the purple eyes. Perry Park !

When that guy was preparing for Se Ki to turn up, what kind of training do you call that ? He’s like, come at me slowly. Ah, so he stole the boss’ jacket. No wonder they’re dying to get it back. Plus the drugs too.

Bloody glad for that secret code to her bro. I was thinking how the fuck could you not even worry about them attacking your brother ? So what if he’s having a gathering. What is a group of authors or something, against these guys ? Turns out they were cops and shit lol.

But Perry’s fail bombs though ^_^ :D Well they did go off later on, at a more inconvenient time. I’m glad she’s starting to see his personalities, and the difference between them.

The fuck does Chae Yeon wanna cross the line with him ? I already don’t like this girl. I thought she was meant to be with Ki Joon, guess she isn’t really that into him.

I totally forgot the doctor who’s the boss of Ri Jin, actually knows Do Hyun & his alters. Totally slipped my mind till he got shocked over her mentioning Se Ki.

I totally hate the fact that he’s going through all this alone. He literally only has Secretary Ahn.

do hyun

All the fuckin staff just left their work to come and watch her talking to her boyfriend ? Really professional, guys. Real professional.

But omg the cuteness was just killing me. But when he knelt in front of that chief, it just hurt realising how much he goes through to fix everything his alters do.


Why did Ri Jin’s mom get so touchy when that guy brought up her kids not looking alike ? Is it true ? Are they really not related ??

What’s Ri Jin’s dream all about ? And Ri On’s interpretation, of Se Ki’s words, is killing me. You flirted with me first. Just now. Lets go to a hotel.

A man knows men well.

Omo! New alter :O But I’m literally want to reach through the screen and hug him. He look so vulnerable sitting in his car and asking if he’s gone crazy 😦

Okay, is this what I think happened. Judging by the intro to the first episode, and everything so far. Do Hyun’s biological mom and granddad died in that car crash. His dad probably got into his current vegetative state due to that fire, which also caused Do Hyun’s multiple personality disorder. Do Hyun, as a kid, knew Ri Jin (and Ri On ?) Somewhere also Do Hyun was abused, which is why he gets those flashbacks whenever anyone is violent towards him. Ri On and Ri Jin are NOT siblings. She’s probably someone important from Do Hyun/Se Ki’s past. Okay… End of my jumbled thoughts

Omg daaamn ! Do Hyun’s in a fuckin mirror world :O scared

Towards Tomorrow


Bitch you actually jealous Seok Hyeon might be interested in her ?

Why’s EVERYONE telling her to back off from Director Seok Hyeon ?!

Did someone make you the lead actress ?
Is stage fright some kind of incurable disease ?

Ah she fucked up >< *cringe*
Its like being behind enemy lines by yourself.

He has it hard enough without you 😉 Sorry my dirty mind
And Lee Shin ? Even if somebody gives me, I wont take him.

Aah my Joon Hee’s song ^_~ its for Hee Joo isn’t it ??
That drum he’s playin though ^^

How the fuck did the dumb bitch get locked in ?!??!

Its so cute that she talks to her dad all the time ^^
even him

I HAVE to know how Ji Yeong knows Gyu Won’s appa !!

The friend’s gf he stole is Shin’s mom right ? Who’s the friend though ??

You & your 20 cents.
That smirk

Is it bcoz of Gyu Won unnie ?
No way. Is that what it is ?
Their expressions though 😀

Fight. Fight. Catfiight !!

Director Im is quite forceful with the dinner date. His name’s Tae Joon actually.

Lolz. Both Shin & Yoon Soo watching the director with Gyu Won 😛

So you had a disagreement ? And broke Gi Yeong’s foot ? >raised brow<

Shes changed to a short skirt 🙂
Aww the coffee ^^ she left for him

Can you spare a few minutes ? >for you ? Always<
If Lee Shin is not there, there is no fun ?

This … Someone spat in it, so don’t drink it. /Takes a sip himself/

Always dissing her skills & teaching.

The guys told me you would be sleeping here. Reminds me of Ji Hoo.

Seok Hyeon enthusiastically waving.

I wasn’t going to use this method.
Since she’s your slave, convince her well. >HOW did he know about that ?!< She wants him to try convincing her.

There’s someone I want to see.

Even if its by force, I’m going to put you on stage.

Fuckin scared her ;D outside his office. Lol
She didn’t listen when I told her.

I’m asking just in case. Are you jealous of Lee Gyu Won ?
Don’t be so obvious. It doesn’t look good. Every time.

Gyu Won stole her practice place 😛 What is Hee Joo doing though ??? Staring at what ?!

What ? Is it Yoon Soo’s bday or something ?! Both bought her jewelry.

Ugh ! She learnt the fuckin splits :O !!

Well she was a bit dreamy on that bike ;P Awks

Well. Uh. Did the Director see that too ? Idk why but Shin & Yoon Soo gross me out. But the idea of Seok Hyeon & Gyu Won doesn’t. Maybe coz all the guys tend to look younger than they are. And the girls tend to look a tad more mature …

The Benefactor


P: You have an expert on teenage cannibalism ?
It was Derek 😀

Sti: What did you do with him anyways ? S: He’s upstairs. Sti: Doing what ? S: Uh uhhhm. Lying down …

Sti: so you bit him. S: Yeah
Sti: And you kidnapped S: yeah
Sti: Then brought him here S: I panicked
Sti: This isn’t gonna end with us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert is it ? As a reminder, this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans, suck.

Uhh. Uh oh. Uhh oh. Is he ? Is he crying ?

Lol. Stiles’ dad walking in on him & Malia trying her restraints out. Sti: Hey. Uhm. That’s. This is not what you think, at all.
Sheriff: I don’t even wanna know.

K: Remember my dad was a world war 2 buff. And my mom was, well, in it.

Garret’s girlfriend Violet … Is Stella from Melissa & Joey O.o

What color are Liam’s eyes ? Oh wait. Just yellow, right ? That’s normal.

S: Liam. We’re brothers now.
Liam: What ?
Sti: Oh god that’s …
Liam: What are you talking about ? We just met. And you bit me.
S: The bite. The bite is a gift.
Sti: Scott stop. Please stop. Just stop.
(Trying to say exactly what Derek said)

L: No. I’m done with teenage boys. But. If we’re playing a trick on someone. Lets use the trickster. K: Who me ? No way. Not me. L: Yes you. You know what they call a female fox ? A vixen. K: Me ?

Lol ! Walking down all sexy like. Then bam! on her face. Lool guess that’s just Kira. Hella hot but absolute dork, wrapped into one.

P: I think I can handle a little fire.
Oh, hell. Derek looks like he’s gonna enjoy burning out the wolfsbane 😛
P: He said he was after you. D: How does a guy with no mouth say anything ? P: With this.

K: Sorry. Liam: What the hell is this ? Sti: Think of it like an intervention. You have a problem, Liam. S: And we’re the only ones that can help.

Sheriff: I still don’t get how this guy has no mouth. I mean, how can he eat ? D: Peter didn’t get a chance to ask. He was fighting him off with a tomahawk buried in his chest. Sheriff: Yeah, and who runs around with a tomahawk. Well, you see, Parish carried one 😉

These freshmen are all so weird.
That guy with the keg was a were O.o The black girl is a what ? The blonde, Garret, has connections with the Benefactor ?!

Where are the voices gone ? What the fuck is happening to Lydia ?! Oh damnit. I was watching a weird link O.o Missed the whole convo between her and Mason. I thought her family was stinkin rich :/ Why is it that everyone is having money problems at the exact same time ?

K: What about him ? S: He can dance with me next time.

K: I also just heard you growl. S: That wasnt me.

D: You know, just bcoz this guy connected to the school wifi, doesn’t mean he’s still here. Sheriff: True. But I’ve seen enough in this school to keep a gun in my hand when walking in after dark.

Sheriff: You nervous makes me nervous.

Sti: Control, is overrated.

Chris ! He’s back. Chris: I got your text. That made me lol.

You have the right to remain silent.

P: I’m a creature of habit.

He wont listen to me. He will if you start using your own words. /not Derek’s/

Haptic Mission S1


Episode 1

The way they filled out the forms.

Hyun Joong’s interview was fuckin hilarious xD He’s got Jun Pyo’s phone cover from BBF Omg ! I luv this already.

Their English is just … ^^

KHJ : Caller Ring. Lol !

Episode 2

Poor Hyun Joong making coffee.
Kim Bum is so professional 🙂 Gets lots of stares.
Jun got scolded for answering the phone. Haha 😛 Him photocopying 🙂 Not a sight I’m familiar with.

Welcome party 🙂 !
Hyun Joong’s mike. He didn’t strike me as the 4D type in BBF. But it is most certainly welcome.

Dam Bi’s performance.
Who’s next ? Random guy: Kim Hyun Joong ! /looks over/

Lol he was too bossy. Asking them to clap a beat, then they’re too fast. They made him change song. I luved that one. Someone got angry.

Him & Jun together ! Yay ! Almost paradise. I freakin love that after BBF.

J: Why aren’t you singing ? HJ: Coz Im not in this section. Bursts into I’m Stupid. SS501 !! That other guy. Lol ! His t-shirt.

Hyun Joong late. Looks like a kid late for class.

Episode 3

Seriously. The two idiots together.
They wont do shit.

Hyun Joong & Jun going to Ever Wonderland. Knew they would just mess about. Texting strangers & betting. Hyun Joong & UFOs. He is weird.

Dam Bi asking random shity to Bum, like his bllod type. Aha, they’re both O 😉

Chased by girls ! Acting like they don’t realize. That ride looks awesome. Perfect image destroyed 🙂 Soulless.

Lion got Gu Jun Pyo’s hairstyle 😀 Haha he called him Jun Pyo !

Like Kim Bum’s luv heart idea.
Hyun Joong just bothering the girl. And His UFO idea is quite cool. 🙂
Like Jun’s one. It’s cool. The first one suits him. And the second, magic eye one is cool too.

Bum’s presentation;  So … You played with dolls ?
Dam Bi’s; Are you hoping for love ? Why so many hearts ?
Hearts, cigarettes & alcohol.

Episode 4

Knew Hyun Joong’s was awesome.

On the pics outside the phone shop …. Hyun Joong is on Jun Pyo’s cover. Jun is on Jan Di’s. Lol !

Bum & Dam Bi just get noticed for looks 😛 People are dazed by them !

Lol, Hyun Joong cleaning. Reminds me of I can clean too. From BBF
Asking about lunch break already, Hyun Joong ?!
Hyun uses self as advertisement. Lets put ourselves at the window.

That woman who’s like, Autograph plz. And he’s all, If you buy it you can take a pic with me, and keep it forever. But she just ain’t interested.

Autograph session to get customers !
Lol ! Seduction much 🙂

Bum: Smiling till my face cramps. Talking of fan meets to Dam Bi.

Hyun Joong’s popular with the guys too.Guy 1:  But Hyung summat summat handsome. Guy 2: Is he hyung ?

Bum’s like, two can play at that game. And starts doing his own personal service.
But Bum didn’t get good comments though. How comes he won ?

Hyun Joong. Yay ! He sold the most. Obvs, have you seen him ?! And he gave pics out for buying.

Ep5 in the morning 🙂

Just discovered this after watching the special BBF episodes.

Boys Before Flowers 1-4


Episode 1
I remember, back when I first started watching, when I saw them beating up the guy I was like wtf !

and those three girls (!) Ginger. Sunny. Miranda. And Ginger’s Oh. My. God !

Jan Di like never stops screaming. That girl has a voice !
Do you know how bad I want her with Ji Hoo ?

Dr Jeong Hoon Min from MTT at her workplace ! I freaked & squealed when I saw him.

Jan Di cleaning the ad instead of Ji Hoo’s hands 😀 And that smile he does when he realizes what just happened. Literally smiled at the ground. (Eww 1D reference) 

Whowhoawhoa !! That kick. And Yi Jung & Woobin’s reactions just make it that much better.

Episode 2

Ji Hoo comes to talk about pancakes ?! What a save (!)

Jun Pyo saying how Jan Di is totally into him. Yi Jung & Woobin’s faces are like Nope. Not at all. And they just laugh at him, he doesn’t even realize coz he’s too happy.

He fuckin kidnapped her ?! Aww, she thought it was Ji Hoo 🙂
Damn the way cusses ! She was gonna take off her fuckin dress

Jun Pyo’s blaming it on the makeover. He’s gonna try again. Omg don’t !

He’s so scared of a bee !! How is that so cute.

Why is the toilet even bigger than my house ?

He even drives a fuckin motorcycle ^^ Officially love that guy ♥ Now she got his shoes too. He is so fuckin sweet to her, it kills me. In a good way. 

Is StandByMe an OST for this ??

What Jan Di said to Jun Pyo when he came to help her with her nosebleed. Ouch !
Taking out his anger on the field.

He bought the fuckin school along to get her.
When it’s Ji Hoo then I’ll definitely come

Good shoes take you to good places

Jun Pyo dropped his fuckin plate when he saw her. Plus I can’t stop seeing T.O.P when I look at him.

It hurts how much I want Jan Di with Ji Hoo.

Episode 3

She got her feet on his 😀 Lol ! And her face (!) She looks way too happy, kinda dumb 😛 But oh well, she don’t care how she looks to others.

What has she done to Jun Pyo ? He became too happy. That resuscitation kiss was obviously too much for him. But that moment when he tried to pull her back down, his face after 3281 He complimented the weather when it was a fuckin storm.

Duckies in the pool 😀 ! 

When Ji Hoo’s string snapped I got scared. Why is he being like this ? I actually didn’t know it snapped till she tried wrapping up his finger.

Jun Pyo waiting for her at the pool in his lil floatie seat. But those freakin girls came & ruined his happiness, showing that vid of her with Ji Hoo. She was only wrapping up a wound !

Am I that loathsome ? When he tried to kiss her & she was almost crying. But that was mostly coz of Ji Hoo though.

Seo Hyun’s bday party. Yijung goes up to Jan Di like Yeobo … Well he did suggest taking her as his date for the next event.

Is she breaking up with Ji Hoo ? What Jan Di said is happening. She pretty much led him on for 15 yrs ?! Well, that’s what I’m getting.

Kiss ! Poor Jan D 😦 Was that their first kiss ?

Lol Jun Pyo to the rescue 🙂 He is kinda sweet to her, hired out the whole bar coz he knew she’d be upset by events. When you could hear his heart beat though 🙂 He looked kinda freaked out at the time.

Jun Pyo telling her how she’s the first girl apart from Seo Hyun obvs that Ji Hoo’s shown interest in. Kudos to her ! Coz she’s also the first girl Jun Pyo’s liked ! ♥

LOL ! She fans herself whilst he splashes water ^^ Comes back to find her all drunk. Wow !! Her drunk ranting though. I have no time to accompany rich boys like you to play the game of love. 

I, am a little sad today. I’m a little upset. When she starts slapping him.

Her face when she was gonna kiss him, then passed out. His expression then. She puked on him 😀

The flashback 🙂 Lil adorkables sneaking around in the night. She fuckin scared the shit out of them. Too much ? Holding their hands in the air like baby criminals.

Begging Seo Hyun to stay for Ji Hoo. I’m heartbroken 😥
Why is Ji Hoo being so mean ? She’s doing this for him. Putting his happiness before her own feelings.

Episode 4

Ji Hoo 😦 He’s the one to save her normally. Now he made her cry I’m crying Sob. He deffo only sees her as a kid

Boo. The plane muted Jun Pyo’s words. What did he say ? Date ?? He waited for her in the snow :’)
Awww he’s shick

He sent all that to her house as her excuse ? Cutie 3281

Why did Min Ji freak out like that ?

Poor F4. Marriage decided by parents. Does Jun Pyo plan on marrying her ?

Who’s this guitar guy ? Plz don’t start to like him.

Thanks for last night

He changed their entire LOOK for her. Coz of that time she had a nosebleed, and said she hates everything about him.
Lollipops ! The last straw 3271 Even straightened his hair for hours.

It was Min Ji right ? Totally framed her. Meant to be her friend.
Yijung & Woobin They’re helping her 🙂 They’re good to her. I like that.
Who was Min Ji to Jun Pyo ?

These kids are fuckin heartless. Grrrr