This Dream


Okay so this was weird

At the start it was Chanyeol & Luhan. I was Chanyeol. Somebody close to me had passed away, a parent most likely. The grave was behind the hostel I lived in at boarding school.

Funeral finishes, everyone leaves & I, Chanyeol, bring Luhan forward to introduce him as my special someone to the deceased.

And the person told us about stuff & powers we have when together. Then to seal it we had to place this white rose under the ledge of the tombstone together.

Somehow got a lil private moment after that. And one of my classmates just popped up. She freaked & tried to quickly get away but a car appeared out of nowhere.

We remembered that we can stop vehicles in time when we clap hands, like high-five [It’s a dream okay ? I can’t help what happens].

We stopped the car then just ran around having silly fun with this new skill.

And I was just feeling so warm & fuzzy. Somewhere along the way Chanyeol & Lu changed into me & a mate from my school days.

Like we weren’t even doing much. But sometimes just being in that person’s presence can seem so amazing.

Subconscious ?


What is it with these dreams ?

Is it my subconscious trying to tell me something ?

This time it was my teachers’ baby, one of my teachers from boarding school. I was visiting, that’s why I was back there in my dream.

So, in my dream, the kid wouldn’t talk to anyone. But he became attached to me. Only person he’d talk to. Like Lucas with Dean in Supernatural.

Then it came time for me to go home. And he’s like ‘Will you come back again tomorrow ?’ I’m like thinking Uh, my holidays are starting. Then theirs. So I won’t be back for like two weeks. Like the idiot I am, I told him I’d see him again in two weeks.

That obviously upset him. He’s clinging to me & crying. That’s how he was when I took him back to his mom, before I left.

She asked what happened & I’m like ‘It was me. I told him he won’t see me again for a few weeks.’ And it’s just like Oh … for everyone.

My Baby Boy


So yeah, in my dream I had a baby.

It was all very graphic. Right from when I actually had it. But it was painless, though I was freakin huge before shoving it out.

I just sat in a room alone with him in my arms. Now I think about it, at one point it became the living room in my grandmas but she wasn’t in my dream. But that was only the part outside the doirway, when they called me out to eat.

Anyways, so there’s me with my baby, showing him things out the window & talking to him. It’s wierd coz for just being born, in that part of my dream he was like a few months old, the way he was acting & stuff. Coz new borns don’t babble & they’d be lying down in your arms, he was sat on up with some support from my arms.

Then I put him to sleep on the sofa, wrapped up in loads of blankies. I think my dad came to check on us, coz I remba feeling very hostile towards whoever it was. So most likely it was him who was sitting there commenting on how I cared about my babe, wrapping him up like that.

Then everyone was calling me out to eat, but I didn’t wanna leave my baby 😦 Lol, clingy much.

Think they somehow got me out, coz later he woke up & started crying. My mom rushed to him before I could evrn move. I was at a table, where my fridge actually is (just need to remember that). But when she came back she walked right past with him.

I made kissy faces at him as he went past wailing. He stopped crying for a sec, then made grabby hands at me & started whimpering. Everyone’s like ‘Awww. He wants his mommy’. I’m like That’s my boy.

Ugh I want a baby ! But I don’t wanba get married though, coz I’m scared to be hurt & betrayed. Seen enough of that in my own family.

Then again I don’t wanna end up having an illegitimate child.

Oh yeah. And lastly, I’m scared of the pain.

Wow. A lot of things to get in the way -_-

I was so sad when I woke up to realize he was just a dream 😦 ♥



Felt like I had only onr e long ass dream right now.
Instrad of Ji Hoo I had this little geek called Wonsam. He is the cutest thing ever !^^ My dream was bare sad.

Erasing memories.
Newbprn azalea.


Wow ! Aha.

That’s my drunk writing. Lol !

Wrote that at 5 in the morning when I randomly woke up. Didn’t want to forget the awesome dream later on.