Episode 3


Agh watched this at bloody 7am 😛

fly1 fly2 fly3

This was so damn cute. Swinging from castle to castle.

Wake up, this is not the time to fall for him.

You, you’re not some easy girl to fall for a guy’s killer smile.

Who are these people ? Did Robin make himself another family ?


I cannot believe they just did that :O :O !! Taking drama cliches to a whole new level.

you must be kidding

How much cute am I meant to put up with.

2 cute2 cute..2 cute-

You offend me. Should’ve been more careful, boys. Never shoot his girl, especially when you think he’s dangerous.

offendedi warned youdon't touch her

They look so scary. The poor Inspector’s face though 🙂


Omg the killer is a technician in a hospital. Now I don’t know if he’s a bad guy, or just caught up in something he really wants to go his way.

Why was this kid the only one it actually worked on ? It this some kind of sign ? Did he actually do something ? Or does it not really mean anything ?


Fuckin stop scaring me pls.


Aaah look how you totally killed his smile. He was so happy to see his mom. Does Robin refer to Seo Jin’s parents as his own ?

joygo awaysad

I feel there’s some friendship between Robin and Secretary Kwon, right ? Or there was & he’s really reluctant about it this time round.

Does Robin’s presence pose a threat to Seo Jin ? Coz that’s the only logical reason I can think of for everyone to be so against him coming out. How can you not just love the guy ?

This physically hurts me 😥

who are you..not needed

N’awww omg Robin gave the necklace to Hana :)

I could probably screencap his face all day. Don’t even know why.

it was you

No. Omg are the guards taking her back home ? She’s meant to be under protection though ! Maybe they’ll have people guarding her house or something. But, what!

Where’s her Unnie, when she wants to tell you she met her damn prince ? She’s draws her story ?


See ? What’s not to love ? He’s even got a fuckin humour.

I just really love this shot okay.

cease to exist

Bcoz, even if you don’t want me,

reason to existwho

Protocol 20. Protect Jang Ha Na.


Our School’s E.T ’08


Random English. Oh shit. Oh fucking man.

Principal Joo is Mr. ku from Coffee Prince :O And Mr. Chun’s mom is the grandma.

Where’s the guy Sang Hoon fought at the start gone ?

His open class ^^ A hit

If i get rich I’m going to get you a hair transplant .

Aww he’s crying. I’ll come see you whenever I miss you

Jung Koo. In the ring.
I’ll confess to her for you if you win

Run laps singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lol

She ended up at the place he teaches 😊

Kdramas always have the most awesome teachers ^^

No Breathing ’13


The special reason I decided to watch this movie 🙂 I came across these last night.

Behind the scenes. And also from the beginning of the movie. Well, close enough to the beginning …



Lol. He freakin crunched on Won il’s hand when he walked in

Woo Sang & Won Il checking each other put in the showers 😛

Well, it wasn’t what I expected. But it wasn’t a fail either.
I liked Won Il’s character. Such a cutie, totally carefree. And the way he eats.

But he did show determination when it mattered to him. But it’s a bit cliché. They try hard when there’s a bet on the table. And a girl at that.

I was wondering why he was so happy, running through the woods with that lil bag. Then after he saw Woo Sang giving her a present I was like ‘Ohhh you poor thing’. I think Woo Sang actually saw him too.