You know A‘s famous Is the matrix real ? question ?

Well some time near the end of last week, C asked YLT how comes we can see things if they aren’t really there. Coz YLT said something about images & stuff, what we see if what our brain interprets. The same thing can look different to two different people. So basically, nothing’s real.

YLT goes ‘Welcome to the matrix.’ I burst out laughing. Then C called A & told him, A chuckled & just looked so proud (:



Well, that was just a weird day.

First I came home fuckin sweatin coz it was so hot. So I decided to take a cold shower. Thought I wouldn’t wet my hair coz it wouldn’t dry on time for us to go out. Then I realized we gotta wait for my brother, who’d probably come at like 6ish, maybe even seven or eight. That meant that they’d be staying over once again, till Monday as usual. So I was dying to leave soon as possible.

All four of them ended up wearing puffy princess dresses. Well, those two turned up to our house as Belle & Rapunzel. Their mom dying for my sisters to dress up too. Urgh ! I’d already picked decent outfits for them to save them from wearing what they didn’t want to. Coz they’re too fuckin chicken to tell my mom.

Well us three decided to act like we had nothing to do with them when we leave the house. But he obviously ended up in the middle of them. When we got there I sent her to shove them in a booth where they can’t be seen, while we ordered.

But obviously my aunt had a problem with the fuckin booth. So the three of us sat there whilst they sat in the open.

Oh ! That was the worst meal. We were laughing so hard throughout. And I was the worst ! Couldn’t breathe half the time. My eyeliner was running down my tear-streaked face & everything. It’s like everything we said was hilarious, cracking lame jokes & saying stupid stuff.

He went after he finished, hung out with them. I was the last one to finish. Coz I was so full on laughter. I even started laughing at the silence.

Then we just sat there like fat girls. Coz we were to full to move. Felt like puking.  Didn’t even know they were waiting for us so we just sat there.

I was dying for them not to come back with us. Left the house at 7:15ish, Left there at 9. So I thought they were deffo coming to ours. But when we got here I was trying to lock them out, but my mom took my brother to drop them off. Think my aunt saw me celebrating b2b



I’m being dragged out to a party !

Okay .. I shouldn’t be like this. It’s my mate’s 18th. We grew up together as kids & all.

But she probably changed in the few years we’ve been away from each other.

My sister was gonna throw anything on & go. I’m like Are you feeling alright ? But then I got ready in ten mins myself.

Urgh ! I hardly freakin know anyone here. It’s gettin seriously awkward and annoying.

I hate the songs playing aswell. Their freakin Indian !!

I didn’t even know it was her bday party today & I haven’t got her a fuckin present !!

Okay .. Bit of decent music. Played a snatch of Maynard’s Animal. Oooh and Justin Bieber’s Confident 🙂 And Royals by Lorde – but I’m kinda sick of that.

Haha I got so bored I randomly decided to pop a balloon with a fork. Kinda got everyone’s attention on me. And uh .. Peeps I used to know from primary school are here. Friends .. Kinda acquaintances.

I’ve bern playing my own music kpop so everytime I speak I fuckin scream 333 Lol

Her sis just went up to do a dance with her mate. And now a guy who my brother used to know went up. He’s a mate of her sister too. He sang a song. I proper thought he was gonna dance … But no

Now her sista’s dancin again. It’s quarter past eight. I got here at five. Was rushing to get ready at freakin four !

I kinda wanted to leave before. But didn’t wanna look rude. And now we’ve eaten & shit I kinda wanna stay & watch the performance.

So basicallt there’s this guy who used to live a few doors down from her when we were kids. He used to always talk to us over the fence. We were convinced he had a crush on her. And then one day there was this vid of him on fb. Someone commented asking if he was gay, coz it seemed so in the video, & he replied No he is not. Now we have a thing he might be. He’s here today & he totes looks it. He even danced for us. Shouldv’e heard the wolfwhistles & cat calls 😉

The minute I go here I spotted this guy dressed like an arab. You know with that red thing on his head n all. It’s bugging me like crazy ! I wanna know why he’s dressed like that to abday party, when he is clearly not an arab.

We gon cut the cake now. Then a girls vs boys dance battle. That’s my cue to leave. When I found out everyone had to take part. I’m like Fuck I’m going then. Coz I did actually wanted to stay & watch.

It’s quarter past nine. God knows when the rest are gonna leave. We’ve all got college tomorrow aswell.