Mortal Instruments


Some of my favorite lines from the movie. Just watched it tonight, after ages !

C: You play it like you’ve lost your one true love
J: Unfortunately my one true love remains myself
C: Well, at least you don’t have to worry about rejection
J: Not necessarily. I turn myself down once in a while to keep it interesting

J: Don’t tell me. You’re having a drawing emergency & you need a nude model. Well I’m not in the mood

S: The werewolves are here to save us. Never thought I’d say that

I: The institute is full of demons. L: That’s impossible. It’s hallow ground. (Holy ground ?)

J: Remember when I said I’d never seen an angel ? I lied.

Oh one more thing. when Isabella & Clary had some convo &  Isabella asked if it was that obvious. I didn’t hear clearly but I just knew he was gay. And probably in love with Jase.