Belated Bdays <3


I have not been keeping up with birthdays lately. Well I have. But not doing my usual posting for them.

First I was swamped with exams so I barely had time to breathe. But recently, within the last week & a half I’ve actually been too busy being free.

I literally haven’t done anything productive since my last exam. And I actually consider watching the movies I’ve left till now & catching up on my shows as being productive 😛

So happy belated birthday to my lovely squishy Ryeo, freakin gorgeous Lee Minho (Oooh Gu Jun Pyo) & the legendary Rain !!!!

Too Quick


Eeek !! We picked which subjects we wanna drop. Today !

We should’ve been told beforehand. On the spot decisions don’t always turn out good.

What if I regret it next year 3411 !

Oh well … Not much I can do.

Btw a late bday prezzie came from my bff. It actually arrived on Monday but no one was home to receive it. And I came in just after the delivery man left. So it was redelivered today.

I was having a bad day. But she totally made my day 🙂 Why do we have to be so far apart ? I wanna thank her in person 😦