From a Cradle to a Grave


That little imagination thing. Where she wrote that letter. And Klaus kinda being flirty 330 Se’cute. And feeling the baby, awww I’ve never seen him like that. It was such a beautiful scene.

A safe home. Someone to tell you that they love you, every single day. and someone to fight for you, no matter what. In other words, a family. So there you go baby girl, the rest we’re gonna have to figure out together. I love you. Your mom. 

Josh: Unless I’m hallucinating you standing in the middle of the street & chanting for no reason. Wait, am I ?

J: Ookay. I am hallucinating. 

Klaus screaming threats as he struggles uselessly.  They fuckin killed Hailey !! Klaus actually cried 33a She only held her baby for a second.

The way Elijah found Klaus & Hailey 3281 33a


E: They’ve fabricated some kind of illusion. K: That’s one word for it.


Elijah’s blood red tie. Is that all blood ? It’s still so weird seeing him covered in blood.

E: Do you understand I let this person in. I let her in. I don’t let people in. You knew this. You’ve taken her from me. I needed her and you’ve broken me.

K: You can tell your niece that you cared for her mother when we save her. 

Yes ! Hailey came back. 333 But she’s gonna be a hybrid now.

Michael’s back. And Diego’s really dead.

Marcel: This bite. All this. I know it didn’t come from nowhere. This is the last note. In a song that I started a century ago. When I brought your dad to town. And for that I am sorry. 

So glad ! Davina put a barrier around. I didn’t want him to kill. she’s got a lil slave now 😛

Genevieve’s death 322 It was gonna be brutal I guess, but Hayley stopped it. E: So not even death can stop my mother from seeking the annihilation of her own flesh & blood. 

Faking the baby’s death. No ! I didn’t want it to end like that. I wanted Hayley to get her wish, to be able to bring her child up.

Gang violence 😛 Pffftt ….

K: You had bared from the start. A man damaged by his demons. And those demons are not dormant, they are hell-bent on killing me. And everything I find beautiful. And you, you are beautiful. Please. Please just go.

Hope’s gone to live with her badass auntie 🙂 I’m so happy Rebekkah gets to have some form of a family to bring up.

R: Aw she looks like her mother. Maybe there is a God after all. K: Well, she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That’s all me. 

His creepy last words to his daughter. And he gave her his childhood toy :’)

And fuckin Ester’s back in Cassie’s body

The Battle of New Orleans


Dav: Josh. Now that you have a ring I think you need to leave town. J: Woah. Wait. We breaking up ? Lol

J: Wow. Okay. Guess he forgot to call me. Rude. 

K: Well that’s typical isn’t it. Marcel fills the room with dynamite. And yet I’m the tactless one. 

E: Impeccable timing.

E: Jackson is fine. He’s a little tied up right now. Can we call you back ?

H: Thank God you’re alive. K: I’m fine too, thanks for asking.

H: It’s complicated. E: I think that’s the understatement of the year.

Jackson: Seems I owe you yet again.

Come on, Elijah. For once in your immortal life can you just not be so noble.


What would you have me do ?

I just told you that I’m betrothed according to some backwater arrangement by people that I never knew. Tell me that you think betrothals are stupid. Tell me that I have a choice


You will always have a choice.

Gen: You say the most romantic things Lol

Omlg ! That bitch Francesca & her family are freakin werewolves too !!

K: I thought this lot would’ve learnt their lesson. E: Well they’re not exactly renown for their genius.

M: Fine. Come get me. E: If you don’t kill him I will. K: He’s mine. This won’t take long. 

E: Gentlemen. Shall we ? Ever so polite (:

Knew Olly was in with the wrong people.

H: Why are you doing this to me? Monique: To be reborn you must sacrifice. H: What the hell does that mean ? You psychotic little bitch !

Klaus growling in answer to Hailey.

You can’t take her baby ! Noooo !!!

The Big Uneasy


Haven’t been able to watch all holiday 😦 Too much revision. So I’m catching up the day before college begins again.

G: Besides, I’ve made amends with your brother. Klaus’ faces 😛

K: Don’t worry, I’ll bring her home before the birth.

What dodgy thing is Klaus up to with Oliver ?
G: You’ll have your sacrifice. But I have things to do before I die.

Monique’s dress at the festival is nice. But her headpiece is Bleugh !

Josh can get a daylight ring now 🙂 !

Wooh ! Marcel. What a protest performance. At least Hayley was unharmed. Eww, Klaus. Hands ! Now she won’t help.

Elijah ! He killed Tierri ! That hurt Marcel more.

K: I suspect your feelings for Hayley have nothing to do with that allegiance.
E: No more. If I want something, I will take it. And nothing. Nothing will stand in my way.

K: Secrets are a poison. They need to be spat out. Pffft, he’s angry about her & Marcel. No ! But Caroline Pout

Tierri’s funeral 😦 But now they got more ppl in their army.

No ! Not the baby !!

Subconscious ?


What is it with these dreams ?

Is it my subconscious trying to tell me something ?

This time it was my teachers’ baby, one of my teachers from boarding school. I was visiting, that’s why I was back there in my dream.

So, in my dream, the kid wouldn’t talk to anyone. But he became attached to me. Only person he’d talk to. Like Lucas with Dean in Supernatural.

Then it came time for me to go home. And he’s like ‘Will you come back again tomorrow ?’ I’m like thinking Uh, my holidays are starting. Then theirs. So I won’t be back for like two weeks. Like the idiot I am, I told him I’d see him again in two weeks.

That obviously upset him. He’s clinging to me & crying. That’s how he was when I took him back to his mom, before I left.

She asked what happened & I’m like ‘It was me. I told him he won’t see me again for a few weeks.’ And it’s just like Oh … for everyone.

My Baby Boy


So yeah, in my dream I had a baby.

It was all very graphic. Right from when I actually had it. But it was painless, though I was freakin huge before shoving it out.

I just sat in a room alone with him in my arms. Now I think about it, at one point it became the living room in my grandmas but she wasn’t in my dream. But that was only the part outside the doirway, when they called me out to eat.

Anyways, so there’s me with my baby, showing him things out the window & talking to him. It’s wierd coz for just being born, in that part of my dream he was like a few months old, the way he was acting & stuff. Coz new borns don’t babble & they’d be lying down in your arms, he was sat on up with some support from my arms.

Then I put him to sleep on the sofa, wrapped up in loads of blankies. I think my dad came to check on us, coz I remba feeling very hostile towards whoever it was. So most likely it was him who was sitting there commenting on how I cared about my babe, wrapping him up like that.

Then everyone was calling me out to eat, but I didn’t wanna leave my baby 😦 Lol, clingy much.

Think they somehow got me out, coz later he woke up & started crying. My mom rushed to him before I could evrn move. I was at a table, where my fridge actually is (just need to remember that). But when she came back she walked right past with him.

I made kissy faces at him as he went past wailing. He stopped crying for a sec, then made grabby hands at me & started whimpering. Everyone’s like ‘Awww. He wants his mommy’. I’m like That’s my boy.

Ugh I want a baby ! But I don’t wanba get married though, coz I’m scared to be hurt & betrayed. Seen enough of that in my own family.

Then again I don’t wanna end up having an illegitimate child.

Oh yeah. And lastly, I’m scared of the pain.

Wow. A lot of things to get in the way -_-

I was so sad when I woke up to realize he was just a dream 😦 ♥

Ugh ! Parties


Just got back from a one year olds bday party. Left coz I couldn’t stand it.

It’s a gathering of families, shove the women in one room & turn on indian dramas. I had enuff of that.

But I’mma miss the cake 😦 Boo ….

Who has a party this late for a one year old ? Kid won’t be awake for her own cake …!!

Stuffed myself on fish fingers & cheese rolls (?)Idk what they called. But they’re all having party food whilst I’m sitting here feeling fat.

And sorry for myself. But I have revision to do