American Horror Story


Just started watching this. It is all my brother’s fault.

This is seriously fucked up ! Why is she still living with that cheating son of a bitch ?! 35a He even went all the way back just to see her. While his wife & daughter were gonna be sacrificed.

And it is also scaring the shit out of me. I can totes watch horror movies but I need closure otherwise I am seriously fucked up.

So a freakin Horror Series is a bad idea for me. Like baadd 326

I’ve now vowed not to watch another episode. Coz I don’t wanna get caught up in it.

So I had to watch a load of How I Met Your Mother to get out of that zone.


Uhh … Just remembered this from last night & it doesn’t feel real anymore. I wonder if it was ? But basically what happened was this really bad pain in the middle of the left side of my chest. Like right under my bust. I remember lying there waiting for it to fade. And then it just got worse coz it started killing ten times more everytime I coughed. And uhh news flash I have a really bad cough as of recently. So yeah it was hell.