The Sun, The Moon, The Truth

Oh so that guy, who killed Wendigos, is called a Mute.

The housing development, is still in development.

Oh its Derek 🙂 He’s doing what he did to Jackson, pissing him off. Its like a younger version lol
D: You’re right. He is angry
S: What you smiling about ? D: You’re gonna be good at this.

Coach: If i could grade you on how profoundly you disturb me. You’d be an A+ student.

Sti: Well I’m terrified & I’m not even ON the list

Mason totally checking Brett out 😛 Mason: I think you could definitely take him. And then give him to me.

D: At first, i thought it was a part of my past. And then, I started to lose something else, my sense of smell. I’m losing my powers.

Sheriff: And I used to call myself a rational human being. Get in here ! Shut the door.

Sti: What are you on ? Seriously. HDH ? Gamma radiation ?

Daamn. Parrish is a supernatural !!!! Knew there was something about him.

Brett was a were. Omo ! Violet tried to kill Scott. But he’s awesome 😀



I just knew Stiles wasn’t gonna stay cuffed. His poor dad 😦 And what the fuck is going on with Agent Mccall ?! I don’t get what he needs to tell Scott.

Real Stiles would not have been able to throw Derek like that 🙂

Eewwwww !!!!!! The flies !! Bleugh !! 346
Isaac’s possessed now ?!


And Derek ?! I’m gonna cry 33f It was so gross how it went in. And Aidan ?! Wtf is going on ?!!?!

Stiles’ face whilst strangling Aidan 😦 Fuckin creepy

Doc you bought something to paralyze his body. You got anything for his mouth. Yes I do.

Why do those nails keep coming up ?? 361

He doesn’t look like he would survive a slap across the face, much less the bite of a werewolf. 

#Pale & sickly Stiles

When are you ppl gonna start trusting me ? I meant Stiles. /ohHis face though 🙂

Derek is kinda hot as a bad guy 328

This is my first time in someone else’s head. I totally expected them to get separated. But not that quickly.

Peter actually cares about Lydia. Lightbulb moment. Or did he just want the info after she gets back 35a 

We’re not together anymore. This is wrong. He’s snogging her whilst Lydia’s with the freakin nogitsune.

Stiles & nogitsune playing on the Nematon 🙂 Lol. Just looks funny in a kinda ironic way. I don’t really get how to say it 361

I was practically crying when Stiles was puking out bandages. I thought it was a snake. Then his tongue. Their faces ! They were so frikkin scared !

So it wasn’t Stiles’ that woke up ? But he came outta the bandages ? And wtf did the nogitsune do with Lydia ?

Stiles is safe now, right ?

P.S. I thought a main character was meant to die. And it pretty much looked like it was Isaac. But he’s not so dead atm. Crap ! Do I have to carry on fearing who’s gonna die ?