Luhan  20140306

This is the first one I made on GIMP. Before that I tried in Photoshop & epically failed b2b

Key 20140306

My second one. Idk what happened to this I swear. It just flopped 346

Xiumin   Jaejoong 20140307

I’m really proud of these two 328 Mmmm … Just like them a lot.

Jb 20140307

This one waited way too long to be made. Had the idea years ago. Literally. Never got round to it.

Then I went & ruined it in Photoshop.

And finally it is done

Jongin    Jonghyun 20140308

And finally … My two most recent ones

jaejoong2 20140310

Shinee 20140312

2min 20140312 


affection 20140314

This one is actually for my story Affection 

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