Never Give Up, Dodo


Okay, I watched this like last Thursday but I’ve been writing this bloody post bit by bit since then 😛

I watched this in one sitting :O But it was really good !! A lot of laughs, even though I literally sobbed through some scenes.

When Li Dong kept kissing her with every fuckin word he said :x I liiike seeing Xu Fei being possessive !!

Babe, being a man means that you must be confident.

But that plushie Li Dong gave her … It’s a bit cute. But the way se makes it speak English ^__^

Yu Chun Hua was totally trying to sabotage them, wasn’t she ? Coz Xu Fei may be a dumb fuck who somehow doesn’t see how wrong it is. But I doubt she is aswell.

Qing Qing told her he was trying to force her to leave the house. Oh the irony !

Li Tong. These names are too similar -.- sigh. I really started to hate him coz he was hitting on her. And omg I can’t believe I never realised he showed a nude of him ! I just saw and assumed it was of Xu Fei. I only realised like waay later, but before she told Xu Fei about it though.

And the fuck bruh, you don’t go admire your mate’s tats when he’s buck naked O.O The gay between them is way high. They even showered together ?!

Funny how soon as Dodgay, o starts collecting evidence, he’s no longer interested. But then …


This happened and my gay theories were confirmed (!) Then I just felt sorry for him. And she came out and saw them asleep.

Never Give Up Dodo Ep 3

Plus the convo she had with him when he was just about to leave, without waking Xu Fei. But lucky us that he did wake up 😛


He obviously has a very open mind, seeing as he isn’t even affected by the fact that his male friend just kissed him on the mouth !

That’s right. I am crying for you. Hit me so damn hard in the feels. Amazing how it takes me from clutching my sides, to dabbing at rivers down my face. But that Xiang Yu though, for a bit I thought he actually would be dangerous coz of the way he popped up at such perfect timing every time.

I didn’t really like, or understand, his sisters (and brother). But second sister is really pretty. Is the eldest a nun or something O.o ?? Turns out they only meant well though. But what happened to the bad stuff she read in the notebook though ? How comes Xu Fei never saw it when he read it ?

Dodo’s roleplaying always gets them in trouble omg ! It’s actually hilarious. Like when she cornered him at work, at first I didn’t get it. I had a little voice at the back of my head thinking it was for real 😛

Never Give Up, Dodo

This one was kinda hilarious, but also kind of hot bcoz I simply can’t resist him tied up ¬_¬


Ugh ! Look at that face !! Anyways, its adorable how they literally look they don’t know what they’re doing ^_^ :D Especially how she kept hitting him without knowing it actually hurt. And then he accidentally kicked her off the fuckin bed 🙂

But the prostitute one has got to be the best !! I just knew something like that would happen, especially with him throwing money around the car ^_^ :D lol.

That prenuptial contract thing, he only did it to make her happy coz he thought she actually wanted it. Like it would ease things for her. Almost ruined them and it was just killing me.

Jia Bao, poor guy tried so hard to impress her. He even did the thing where he uses another girl to make her jealous, but bitch messed up lol. But seriously what is with these parrot people that keep popping up everywhere ?! I started realising it when she went to the club.


The facial expressions are killing me :/ confused/googly My heart. But the best thing was her cousin walking in on them. And then imitating them.

So his bestfriend staying over turned out to not actually be a test for her. But she deffo set one up for him. I swear I was mega annoyed up till they had the convo revealing it was setup and intended. Zi Xuan is fuckin pretty though, if his character wasn’t the way he is I would be seriously freaking out that he’s gonna get distracted.

brother-in-law or daddy

bro-in-law deffo

The poor guy tries so hard to avoid these situations. Trying to lift her with fists though ^_^ :D That was so hilarious !! But when it’s all done, he seemed so upset that Dodo allowed this all to happen.

My taste is just as strong as you guys, huh ? But that guy she landed though !! Holy fuck. I always knew her taste was strong. I just never knew that that was her type.


Goes to the same strip club. Wah daebak ! What’s up with that Judy, another addition to the freaky supporting characters 😛

Lmao expect girls to just take a female dancer in the stride. Hold a conversation even whilst just enjoying Sofia’s dance. Omg I fuckin love these girls. Their counter-attack was fuckin awesome !! Happy, what a stage name. When Lao Meng started to enjoy himself though 😉

01 02


I knew it would backfire though, soon as she was asked to go up to dance. Coz do you really wanna see your girl performing for a whole club full of people ?? at first his face was like, Yeah she’s mine. Then it just dropped. And even more when he realised she hadn’t returned to her seat.

But I just don’t know if I love her or if I need her.

always in my heart

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