The Red Shoes



Omg! Beom Jo’s really gonna report everything back to Ha Myeong :O ? Waah, but he looks so lifeless nowadays though. Just trailing around after his mom, phone in hand.

Haha ^_^ :D Cap’s dance when song Cha Ok said she wouldn’t be attending the meeting any longer ! Now I don’t have to worry about you-know-who. It’s totally my world ! Oh, I should go to the restroom. But In Ha totally making him feel guilty with her big eyed, I trust you Cap. The use of flashbacks and stuff in this drama is just … Just like with Dal Po in the beginning, In Ha used Cap’s words on himself :x

OhMyGod I can’t believe that Il Joo snitched to the chief gasp. Did you see the results boy ?! I’m pretty sure you was shitting yourself when that guy was waving that knife around.

As soon as the motorcycle almost hit In Ha, I knew something was up. But when it showed him taking off his helmet from the back I honest to God thought Hyung escape from jail or something! So he went to watch him at his house and attack the next day ? I thought he’d attack there and then, so I was all like Nuh-uh dude, her son is in there too. And also, what the fuck was that gun he was waving around in YGN ? It looked like a massive staple gun to me. Is it that which hurt Ha Myeong ? Or some shrapnel that was flying around ? Coz it can’t have been the knife, coz that didn’t get near him. I honestly thought In Ha and her mom were gonna be seriously injured when he broke through the window. He could easily have stabbed Song Cha Ok right then :O

When he shook Beom Jo’s can though 😛 He should really have handed it over right then. Coz now his bloody mom has caught on. How you gonna get that info back, huh ?

This moment though <3_<3 heart eyes I ship them so hard. Her and Hyun Kyu. But poor Joo Ho though, all he wants is a little respect from those two. Greet him when they see him.

Jae Hwan Screencap

Pinocchio Ep 18 otp

Il Joo: They must hate me so much. Joo Ho: I’m also staring to hate you.

Lmao at Yoo Rae texting the Team Leader coz they can’t successfully eavesdrop 🙂

Daamn I won’t cease to be impressed by Cap. He gets them. He gets everyone. He gets that this was a warning, and not just petty revenge gone too far. But the other YGN reporter convincing Yoo Rae that Cap could possibly be interested in her :D ^_^

Pinocchio Ep 18 kimchi

I love how the dad’s response is just to offer a piece as well. You see. You’re always one step too late. But I totally forgot that he was still pretending not to know that Dal Po’s not his actual son. When In Ha’s dad said about them dating 🙂 Haraboji already knows about that doesn’t he ?? I feel like he does.

Woah ! Beom Jo’s mom took this to some next level though. Cap and Song Cha Ok, both relieved of their positions :O scared

Pinocchio Ep 18 Takeawaymymic

Song Cha Ok’s plan is unf! I just hope they actually get to carry it out. But all those tears though. I didn’t know she still had a heart. Poor Ha Myeong’s going through the pain all over again, watching her, of convicting someone you love.

Have I mentioned how cute it is when Hyung does those little taps on the glass separator ? heart eyes <3__<3

But Beom Jo’s mom is so cool about it, it’s making me worried :/Nuuupls

Pinocchio Ep 18 Freshquestions

As it is now safer to admit how cool and collected she can act. Plus when she reminded Ha Myeong to come back and howl properly :o Funny how I’m starting to like her right at the end. Though I suspect that was the idea all along. Yoo Rae: Her charisma is the best. I will acknowledge that. For sure.

Pinocchio Ep 18 Howl



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