The Scarlet Letter


주홍 글씨

Beom Jo didn’t really turn his phone off right ? It’s probably recording. Tips from the master, Ha Myeong.

Omg! Cha Ok was victim to the same matter.
“As a mom…?” After all this time ?!
And it happened to her dad too.

Are you bragging that you’re tall? If you’re here the sit.

Haha ! Omg ! It’s a reversal of when her dad did that to her.

Aww Beom Jo. Wae you standing fully dressed in the shower ??

The other two guys reaction to the two hugging ^__^ All her worries disappeared!
Fuckin hell! He smashed that glass

Resignation letter two secs after she got the full-time job. And her mom tries to be a mom now.

Why would you apologize instead of me.
Bcoz I’m your daughter.

Then I guess Cap is flirting with me too.
Newest ship, Cap and Yoo Rae 😛

No. Nope. Don’t turn In Ha over to Chairwoman!

Does Ha Myeong really believe Song will report it ??
But at the rate she’s going, she just might.

Is Beom Jo a spy ?! Coz I swear he’s actually gone back to being a reporter. Or was he collecting his stuff
He’s deffo recording on that phone, right ?

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