Ep 13-16


크리스마스 선물

Awww the way he rushed off when he thought he would find In Ha crying.

Nooo!! When he told her to just keep her mouth shut… Don’t cover up 😮 I don’t want him to end up being like Song Cha Ok !

Gaaah! Haraboji and the dad are so cute coming over to visit him. I feel so sad watching Ha Myeong being sad and missing them.

Haha omg that Santa escaping was like the perfect time for Yoo Rae to see maybe Dal Po/Ha Myeong isn’t so into her as she thought.
I can’t believe Beom Jo did that over the phone 😦 and bloody Ha Myeong should’ve listened to the rest damnit.

Wow! I didn’t think it was possible to see a cuter drunk than Minho in Salamander Guru ^__^ But fuckin Ha Myeong man. I was kinda surprised they ended up back at that house. Guess he forgot in his drunk state.
He must really wanna live in his dreams, right ? He has such sadly cute ones 😥

Chan Soo has his wife as Grim Reaper 🙂 lmao. I wanna see her.
I was crying when Ha Myeong woke up cuddling him.
On his knees when his wife calls.

Did In Ha nick another button off that same shirt 😛

헨젤과 그레텔

Beom Jo’s gonna start getting on my nerves now. I can tell.
Argh! The mom’s are secretly meeting planning God knows what.
And damn Beom Jo succeeding in making In Ha feel sorry.

Okay. Maybe mama’s boy actually does believe his mom is totally innocent.

Anyways where’s that lady from the first two episodes gone ? With that awesome laugh.
Oh wait. She was a game show lady. We’re not there anymore.

Aaaaahhhh!!!! I don’t think you should drive right now. Sails another ship.
I keep doing a 180 with thus guy.

Song Cha Ok went to Beom Jo’s mom’s house the day after the suicide ?
Are they partners in crime ?! I feel like Cha Ok covers up for her.

In Ha knows Ha Myeong so well. Squeals. She totally knew what he was feeling.
Poor Yoo Rae though. She’s just gonna get hurt. And its all Beom Jo’s fault she even started thinking he liked her.

No! No! No! Chan Soo’s gonna get the blame for the explosion !! Omg no ! At least he has friends willing to save him.

Wait wait!! Almost forgot about Ji Yi 🙂 Even she told Dal Po he became a dragon, just like her hubby 😉 Well, at least someone got what they wanted.
Third kid though. Daamn!
Ha Myeong’s face though. Staring at the kid like, How can you have such a big kid like this at your age ?
Good fortune ? Nah. Its bcoz alcohol is the enemy. I think I’m crying right now ..

In Ha, I can’t hold onto you right now. But don’t go to some one else.

돈 키호테

Who’s the good reporter ? Me. That smug face you cutie.

Wow! Beom Jo’s mom is freakin sly ! She took care of all the footage.

Finally! Someone holds the crying guy ! It kills me when they don’t.

Will that bitch finally regret it after she sees the trouble she’s causing ? But the again she doesn’t really care about her.
But she’s looking for that cellphone like mad.

Ohhh! Im Ji Hwan. Now that you have your hair down, you finally look like a girl.
Oh, Lee Il Joo, now that I see you caked in foundation, you finally look like a woman.
Hey, this is BB cream.

Okay! Got the original CCTV. Now start operation clear Chan Soo’s name.

Aah Yoo Rae drunk again. Istg Cap is like the best ever. The way he looks out for them.

Yay! Does that kiss mean they’ll get together again. I don’t want her to waver coz of Beom Jo

벌거 벗은 임금님

His smile watching her sleep. Gah fuckin cute.
He was having a heart attack too. Just didn’t want het to know.
Cries coz of how cute they are making breakfast.

Noo!! Separate again 😦 ? But we know he will definitely wait for her.

That can’t be. How can love change ?
I don’t think those things should come out if a person like you, since you are divorced.

Awwwr he still feels like a little boy, powerless to make it right. Now the fuckin Olympics are overshadowing it all.

Double booked again. But its fun watching them diss each other and shit.
I’m not sure. I don’t think that way.
Hey, that’s my line.

Haha Ha Myeong’s prank on Chief Rigid (Jang Hyeon Gyoo) though 🙂

It’s because everyday, without fail, you are wrong.
Him and Jae Hwan are hella cute. That high-five and hand clutch though.

Tear jerker when Ji Yi and Chan Soo watch his name get cleared.

Ha Myeong talks to his younger self. So much depth in this man.

I wanna know what Beom Jo did for the kid’s birthday party.

Poor them. I feel they’ll bond over this pain.

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