The Magic Flute



OhMyGod!! Hyung shut her down gooood :O
I didn’t even think him confessing could turn into her downfall like that.

Holy fuck ! I died when Dal Po said his real name 😦
Their goodbye was too fuckin heart wrenching 😥 And Chan Soo holding the team leader back.
The family wanted him to stay so baad. This idiot, not wanting to be happy without his Hyung. I felt my heart break with haraboji’s when he asked to use his real name.
Even In Ha’s dad apologizing like he actually got hurt by petty things he said ^__^ 😥

I was dying in my seat when Hyung looked back at Ha Myeong when he got out of the van 😮 I thought they were up to something. Though Hyung wouldn’t want to taint his baby brother.

But uuuuuu they are such cute brothers :’)

In Ha totally killed it wben she told her mom, “I am the daughter of a murderer also”

I don’t know about anyone else, but Dal Po’s starting to look evil to me ¬_¬ sexy evil though. Like especially when confrontt the mom.


Okay. Beom Jo’s officially become a cutie. He’s so different from usual second leads.
The way he chickened out of telling In Ha about the texts though ^__^ Plus how hard he tried to show Dal Po/Ha Myeong that he’s deffo on his side. Even volunteering help from his mom. Lmao 😀 I’mma be shipping LJS with everyone by the end of this drama.

Did you verify the death certificate ?
Thank you for your answer.
Omo! He totally made her lose her cool, and no one even reacted to her screaming the place down. Seemed damn quite in there too.

Uhm, asked to ‘step down’ through a text? Way to go lol.

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