Ep 6-11


소년 표류기
Ma Wa Ri seems quite a hard thing. Daamn those living conditions. Exactly how long do they gotta stay there for ?!

Beom Joo is kinda weak, totally squealed when he got his arm twisted. Dal Po is hella sexy when he’s angry though 😛 Cute how he seems pissed she’s being used for publicity but she’s too dumb to say no.
I was squeamish for them – having a fuckin heartfelt conversation when they’re both in a rush.

Daddy again. He always spies on them 😛 and his reactions are priceless. N’awwww In Ha hiding behind Dal Po ^__^ when he came forward.
That aegyo to her dad though !
Haraboji !! Spending Dal Po’s money >_< the reaction. He looks so hurt. His piggies even have names!

In Ha should just stop trying to lie to him. Just hiccups straight after. I’ve settled my feelings for you /hic. I’m sorry. I rushed. I guess I haven’t yet. Was so cutely hilarious 😛

Ahn Chan Soo !! Haha, alumni party. He looks EXACTLY the same. Like he’s still in school or something.

Of course Dal Po would one up everyone else by sucking up to the officers.
Cap is so darn cute, looking for Hyung for him ^_^

In Ha cuddling up to Dal Po in her sleep. I thought Beom Joo would shout again.

Ahn Chan Soo got married !!! Oh daaamn !!

Sneaky clever shit. I knew he’d do something like secretly record the footage.

Dal Po’s expression when In Ha got carried away by Beom Joo. Like “Don’t touch my woman!”

That guilt! Their story turned so far from the truth and its like no one knew how to work the fuckin tv !!

Haha !! At YGN though. Yoo Rae getting told off by Jang Hyeon Gyoo, getting told off by Cap Hwang Gyo Dong, told off by Chief. I literally died laughing omg.
The way Yoo Rae flew when headband guy screamed though >_<

Do you feel how deep that scene was ?! The flashback to the debate. And he felt the words directed to himself.
I was in fuckin awe. This drama is so well scripted :O

Cap made his fuckin bet. Happy guys ? 😛
Not the shower scene we wanted >_< Haha ! Haraboji doesn’t wanna bathe with the dirty boy 😉

Beom Jo’s mom looked so grossed out at his state. Those clothes may make you look good, boy but they ain’t so good for comfort.

I am in love with all Dal Po’s sweaters in this drama ❤

Cap. became a reporter again coz of his guilt from seeing Dal Po ? Daebak.

The toilets are so fuckin awesome O.o
Did Dal Po rush into the women’s bathroom? She avoided him so she wont infect him ❤
I was so happy when Beom Jo and his mum decided to drop her off. Coz that means, more Dal Po time !!
The hospital moment ^__^ like so darn cute. Waking up to her practically stroking his face. And the touching her lips thing !!
But duh she falls so gracelessly then runs out like a maniac 😛

Boo Dal Po. Apologized too early lol, In Ha wasn’t even done rubbing it in his face. But I was just feeling bad cause he was regretting and beating himself up over it so much.

Ooh! He admitted he likes her to Beom Jo. How is that guy not totally grossed out ?! He doesn’t even know they’re not blood related.

운수 좋은날
He seriously recognized his Hyung at first glance ?! That’s awesome yo.
Like, why I find it so cute when they’re running together. Though Hyung doesn’t know they’re avoiding police.
Dal Po is like so fuckin fast piecing it together. I didn’t know what to cry at. They finally met! You know your Hyung’s a murderer. Please tell him your fuckin real name!
But then again I’m starting to get scared of anything provoking Hyung. His rage has been released now.

Played by the fighting cock. Yes you have !
Ahahaha damn. Lol-ed so hard at him manipulating them like that.

Poor Cap. He was just dying for those hugs from Dal Po. What ! Is that all ? Aaaah!! He’s so fuckin cute. Just give him a damn hug ^.^

Dal Po’s oh-so-casual way to tell In Ha his GPS was his girlfriend. I wanted more of a reaction from her.
Hand kiss anyone ?

In Ha’s high five to Beom Jo ! His hand was fuckin red.
She actually washed her hair in the toilet. Weugh!!
Okay. I can like him a little now, since he covered up for Dal Po liking In Ha. But now Yoo Rae’s delusions start.

Nonono!!! I seriously think Hyung is gonna go after Dal Po now. He knows he’s a fuckin reporter !!

And this makes me hate reporters so much. How can you stand by and watch people fall down. Elderly people and little kids too !
But YGN Cap is quite awesome in his telling off. You can tell he doesn’t agree with all the shit they do, but obvs he’d never speak out.
That kid had a fucking crutch. My heart can’t take watching that. Its so damn heartless. And then the fuckin truck had to appear.
I was scared Hyung was gonna die :O

피리 부는 사나이
I literally love Cap. and Dal Po’s relationship so much. Totally ship it man.
He trusts him enough to always go to him first. Even when he suspects Hyung of being a murderer.

The media made him into a total hero now. But its such a shame how its just bitter to DalPo now he knows the truth.

Uhm. I can stop hating in Beom Jo now that he’s returned the phone to the mom. It explains more, so I guess it makes me see him as less of a creep.
I cried I laughter when he was shoving the mom into her in the elevator. And then pulled her out like she isn’t the most worshipped bitch around here.

I’m so glad In Ha loves Dal Po enough yo let his word be the reason she avoids Hyung.

Hmmm, took this other random guy with a conscience to show In Ha her mom’s true colours.
I was restless thinking she wouldn’t look up in time to see the damn shoe.

Soo… Dal Po’s gonna attempt to hide what Hyung did ?
I’m kinda behind it coz Hyung’s a good guy who lost hope. But he killed 😦 Idk

양치기 소년
Damn this drama is gonna drain me if my tears. Its like my eyes are leaking or pouring every five minutes.

He honestly told them she was on her period ?? Isn’t the dad curious as to how the fuck he knows 😉

In Ha’s dad is gonna start piecing things together too ?? Damn it’s like its full of investigators !

Damn Yoo Rae is gonna pick up on Chan Soo’s suspicions too isn’t she ? Funny how she’s listening in in police. I hadn’t thought about that.

What are all those other phones Beom Jo got from his mom ?! I thought it was only the one phone she used to text him on.

Haha In Ha’s dad’s little flash thing >_< I was like, Nah dude. That’s the male leads moms role. To the girl usually.
Then he rage eats ice cream coz he won’t get a rich son-in-law

YGN & MSC acting like total kids at the food place haha. Was Cap recording something ?? I didn’t realise Ygn were being total sneaks 😛

All the ygn guys each snuck into the moms speech hall !! Lool
In Ha totally killed it omg. I was cheering her on like no tomorrow. Yoo Rae’s Yoohoo!! though ❤ I liike that girl. She’s darn cute.

I fuckin knew it ! Coz Hyung was meant to turn up to that speech so he wouldn’t be driving around the middle of nowhere.

I thought her saying that would make Hyung realise he shouldn’t attack her !! But then again I understand his paranoia of how the hell she knew some of that.

한여름 밤의 꿈
Cries a flood coz omg Hyung finally knows his little brother is alive.

I’m glad Cap gave that report back to him. Shat myself thinking Yoo Rae could hear them. But obvs its soundproof. They always have their secret convos in there.

Turned your Hyung into a murderer. How much guilt is he gonna have damnit.

Dal Po is an egg roll, lolol. I thought either or both of the girls would spill something. But too fucking drunk man. Then Yoo Rae just ditched her like Meh.

Ohh, your pretty and prefect daughter… She’s just gonna keep proving your praises wrong 😛

Yoo Rae man, talking in her sleep. She’d probably shit herself if she knew what she said 😛 Or maybe she’s only scared of Heenim#2.

Goodbye kiss. Like that’s the third time he caged her in. And only the first one wasn’t a kiss. Maybe it could’ve been ¬_¬ If they hadn’t been interrupted

What did Hyung buy ?? Is it a prezzie for Dal Po ? Or a murder weapon O.o I honestly don’t even know.

Argh !! So much emosh. So much tears streaming down his face when he told Hyung, I’m turning you in.

That other guy totally checking Hyung out !! Can’t blame him. Damn hot in a suit.

So Hyung sent the text ? I don’t understand the test though. What was the test. Whether he would decide to take on the revenge properly ? Whether he would reply to the Informer ?
Do it with style~ I lol-ed through tears.

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