Ep 3-5


눈의 여왕

I was sobbing during his dream 😥 It was freakin heartbreaking that he realised. Plus the fact he couldn’t see his Hyung’s face coz he doesn’t actually know what he grew up to look like
Do you know how much I love that we all call him Hyung too 😉

In Ha’s mom is such a bitch right now. Idk I’ll change my mind if they show her story, but for now I hate her okay.
And Dal Po texting her from across the street :’) Gah! He’s si damn sweet its killing me !!

Dal Po is my fuckin hero !! Totally gives it to everyone. That’s my boy 🙂
With In Ha’s mom though 😛 he’ll be back to howl … My wolf 🐺

I soo badly wanted him to meet his brother. When the bumper got scratched 😦
Holy crap ! How could I almost forget the guy who was in his cab >_< OMG !!! Talking to his ‘girlfriend’ in front if customers ! Lmao !! His English though ❤

Imagine his huert when he thought In Ha was commiting suicide :O I’m like Girl, stop hiding. Pls ! He’s more worried than you think. Her hiccups were so cute though 😛 What is it wth the lack of hugs when ppl cry worried :/ ??

로미오아 줄리엣

Her dad spying on them though. Just jump on the damn ship already ! I have a feeling he might not have been totally warding Dal Po off from his daughter :/ confused/googly But the shit had to get all heroic without hearing him out first.

How sweet is Haraboji ? Ugh so cute damn. Getting him looking all hot and shit 😉 And their moment on the bus crying :'( damn! can I get in on the hugs pls ?
When they came home though. Haha ! The dad didn’t even recognize him.
Plus the talk he gave In Ha 🙂 Way to crush Dal Po’s self esteem girl.
But then it got all hot 😉

That stalker guy. I don’t think I can get second lead syndrome if he’s such a creep ¬_¬ But he’s hella hot so I can’t dislike him 100% … Maybe 95%. Uhhhh…. 90%
Like I’m not even put off by the fact he’s such a mama’s boy. I find that hella cute.
Lols at how he sneezes to get her to look at him 😛 Plus Dal Po shielding her when he winked from his car ^_^ awwww!

Ugh ! It kinda hurt when he said that stuff in the debate. But can’t disagree with him though.
Plus imagine finding out like that. Its just the worst.
Both the brothers thinking they were alone 😥 And Hyung even had to see it with his own eyes 😥 😥


The frustration upon realising Dal Po can’t just ask for the contact info ….. Damn documents !

I was kinda cracking up at In Ha crying to all her customers 😛
Till stalker!guy turned up that is.

Her mom forgot her own daughters birthday ?! What. Then again. She’s taking heartless to new levels.
Then everyone else forgot too -.- Nice going (!) But Dal Po bought a fucking cake. You idiot ! You should’ve just given it to her.

When she confessed !!!!! :O :O :O OhEmFuckingGee!!!!
Whhhhyyyy. You’re not even really related.
Saying she can fold away her feelings. When he knows he’s clearly a lost cause.

He did sick after the debate. And again when he saw intestine soup. Lol at ppl saying he’s pregnant !! OhMyGod that killed me 😀

That other girl though. The one who keeps crying. The saesang one .. She’s really cute ^__^

Headband guy and the camera lady… I kinda ship it 😛 Plus he’s quite funny… When he’s not making the interns piss themselves.
His bursts of English before they were taking the tests 😛 Daamn ! When he caught the biscuit betwenn his teeth. Thankyou. Mmm bicuit ! Coffee & biscuit. Yoohoo!

Hyung ! Became a murderer!! No !! I had a bad feeling when Dal Po was going… And I thought they were meeting. I just thought there’d be an accident or something :O He burned the other two guys !
And he was such a kind-hearted character 😦

And ooooh is that guy, the one from back when his dad died, gonna let him carry out his plan.
I’m seeing he had a conscience so hopefully he will.


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