Taemin was in my dreams last night …. It WAS NOT a good dream 😦

I just wanted to punch his dumb face

I walked into a room to see him and one of my best friends sitting knee-to-knee on the floor.
And he’s just flirting like i-do-no-wrong. I was burning 😛

See, I’ve always had an inferiority complex. Especially when,it comes to her. I don’t think she knows. Though we’ve known each other for years now.

But the last straw was when he puckered up for a popo like you do to a baby. Pucker up and lean forward.
She just shrugged and pecked him.

Duh! I wasn’t just gonna sit there watching them so my big plan was to distract. All her attention on me and she wont pay attention to him anymore.
So I was like all over her.

Then at one point I decided I wanted to break his hands coz you’re hands are so fuckin fragile, I could deffo break them pffft. Like how you put hands to hand then link your fingers, then I started bending his backwards.

Somehow she ended up tickling the hell out of me. I don’t even know why.
So I’m rolling on the floor, his hands are still clasped in mine.

It was probably to free his hands, but don’t you know, I clench up when being tickled 😛

The last I remember is me in foetal position on the floor, his arms stretched out his hands are still curled with mine under me….

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