The World Has Turned and Left Me Here


Enzo’s headed off to Savannah. To kill Stefan.

<p>If anyone can teach her. Its you. Even though Stefan’s the one who taught her.
<p>And the moral of the story is “Do not fall in love with your brother’s girl”

<p>My relationship with Stefan is strictly … complicated.

<p>Doctor Lockwood ? Tyler’s family ??

<p>Before I compel you to be the guy I used to know instead.

<p>You know there a very probable chance you’re digging your own grave. Okay. Not bothered.

<p>No! No. Bonnie. Good job Bonnie.
<p>I thought you were a germophobe. I’ll make an exception.

<p>He drove right through the party. Anyone dies. Its on him. He’ll become a werewolf again.

<p>Giant douche-kebab.
<p>Plus a burning desire to get away from you.

<p>I was like WHAT THE FLIP IS LIV DOING !? She was saving the death from being on him.
<p>This is the part where you say something. Or kiss me. Or run for the hills.

<p>Noo!!!! Bonnie iis too nice. How many times has she nit been able to come back to life.

<p>Yeah. This is happening. I’m gonna talk out loud to a crypt full of my dead family. Everyone but you Damon.
Not doing so great without you.
<p>I’m like waiting for the fucking hug! Yay!!

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