The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


I don’t wanna see him.
She did what ?!
Damon will kill me. You’re unkillable. Doesn’t mean he won’t try.

<p>Our eyes will meet. Sparks will fly. The balance of the world will be restored.

<p>I’m sorry. I was confused about which vampires we like and which ones we don’t.

<p>I mean the one time I’m actually seeking your voice that’s all I get.

<p>He just came back. Why’d you kill him 😥

<p>Probably jealous of my accent.
Sorry mom. Elena’s auditioning for Top Gear.

<p>What do you want me to do Caroline. Stop making me guess and tell me so we can just go back to being friends.
Well I just. I don’t wanna be friends anymore.

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