Yellow Ledbetter


<p>Looks down at linked hands. That got awkward fast.

<p>Where the hell are we ? And I don’t mean geographically.

<p>I’m actually really happy for Stefan. Moving on with Ivy.

<p>I still don’t get which Original turned Alaric.

<p>I wouldn’t exactly say no. Enzo’s working on it >_< Well well well. There a blast from the past. Hello gorgeous.

<p>More than 20yrs old but look at brand new. Knew it! In the past. What’s special about May 10 1994 ??

<p>Caroline won’t need much convincing ?? Look at her tryna disagree. Aww she’s tryna do what Bonnie would.

<p>I mean, looks can only get a girl so far.

<p>I ran into … Some of your friends. You are a hard guy to track down. KNEE ENZO WOULD TAKE HER TO SEE STEFAN
You work in an repair shop ??
You don’t just STOP being a neck person.

Aww gee thanks. Breakfast with my least favourite person. And a crossword puzzle. From 1994.
We’re living the same day.
That proves it. We’re in hell.

<p>He feeds her pancakes every day 😛 And that teddy lmao.
But I know that last word us the clue they need.

<p>No need to make a scene !? He makes a bigger scene.

<p>She fell in love with Damon when she was still with Stefan.

<p>Well let me summarise them for you. You’re a dick.

<p>Its okay to love them both. That’s what Katherine used to say. How stupid us ut that my own evil doppelganger is smarter than me.

<p>Elena. Who is Damon Salvatore? He’s Stefan’s brother. He’s monster. Then he died.

<p>Let her go. Okay. I’ve got a girl out there crying over you. Coz she cares so much. And I’m here trying to figure out why coz I cant see what there to care about.
<p>I will be the one to bring you the misery you deserve. See. We’re all still neck ppl.
<p>I totally freaked when Enzo realized she was crying ! Major feels omg !!!;

<p>Tripp is evil 😮

<p>There’s someone else here

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