Welcome to Paradise


I said I need a few days off. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.

<p>Needing your friends isn’t a weakness. Tell that to Stefan, who clearly needs no one.
<p>Enzo. You guys go on one road trip, and suddenly you’re breakfast buddies ?

<p>You’re doing that thing again ? What thing ? Oh the thing where you’re a bitch bcoz you like somebody. Its pretty transparent.

<p>Do you understand the rules ? …or you’ll kill me. Well. I’ll marinate with you.

<p>Sorry I killed Bonnie.
Damon playing with his car 🙂

<p>This party is just bad news.
<p>I think we should go. Yeah. Guys 😛


<p>Maybe. But I have a sneaking suspicion that’s your type.
<p>That was Caroline’s ice.
<p>I don’t wanna kill you Stefan. But apparently he did.

<p>If you wanna know the reason why I’m following you. Its bcoz I wanna kill you. I thought he was laughing. WHO IS HE ?!!?!

<p>Your friend Jay was a vampire hunter.

<p>I wouldn’t kill one third of our population. I’m not a monster.
<p>I guess that’s just how your live works. Don’t tease me !
<p>Its just easier for me if you’re an aggressive unlikeable dick.

<p>Caroline. You and Stefan. Do you have …. Feelings for him or something? Yeah. I think I did. Awwwww hell no.

<p>You fuckin killed Enzo!!

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