The Ugly Duckling


미운오리 새끼

Did I mention yet how much I loved him in the quiz. Being all you-know-what with Chan Soo.
So sad how everyone lied to him as a kid.

The way In Ha goes all cutie to ask for a bike and then Don’t be like that and buy me a bike, when he says he doesn’t have any money.

Am I the only one worried about how she didn’t hiccup AT ALL when she said she didn’t like Dal Po when the lollipop girl asked !? That girl reminds me of Sarang from Heartstrings.

Am I your feuding enemy or something.
Of course. You’re feuding enemy.

Lmao. Sprayed her own career plan.
How can a girl who can’t lie … no job seems fitting at this rate. Especially with Dal Po making his snarky comments 😛
I’ll be the substitute. Bring me a wig!!! I love his reaction xD
Dal Po, if we watch you carefully, you have a talent for killing people with your words. Of course. That’s what makes him all the more awesome.

You pick your future bride that way. Laughed too hard

Don’t give me an answer. I haven’t confessed yet. Like I just knew Dal Po would be watching, though that’s normally the second leads role. To watch from afar. But I totally freaked when I realised Chan Soo liked her.

His perch up there by the trees also reminds me of Heartstrings

Although I’ve seen you do that for five years, I’m still surprised everytime.

Why are you looking at me like that ? Aren’t you going to congratulate me ? My reaction exactly !
I heard his real father is an ex convict. Ooh you picked the wrong thing to say

Chan Soo’s face when he made the hand heart. Omg! He looked so dorky.

Why do I have to prove that ? Bcoz you are the central figure of the rumor.
Resignation letter, no reflection letter for the teacher.

What is that saying Dal Po always repeats ?
Lost his mind coz he got dumped? They were never going out. He got rejected dude.

So I deny any delusions.
Does that girl have her eyes on the bottom of her feet!?
He can’t become a retard. He’s already getting bullied. And if he is a loner and an idiot, he will be so pitiful. She seems so worried, that you can just see he wanted to listen to it a little longer.
The way he shuts her mouth though. Grab her lips 😛

I heard your real uncle was mentally disabled.  But-bu- I legit thought it was coz he wanted to let go of his past. Of being so clever, how his dad was so proud of his sons.

Slitting your stomach for the owner who fed you, is your destiny.
He looks visibly pained.
But he doesn’t have any friends. Lol-ed at that. Chance to check out his room.

At first I thought that he studies at home and sits exams with an institution. But he was at the actual broadcasting station.
Choi Dal Po … What are you ?
When the class realizes it Must have been his own ability. He did say you wouldn’t get slapped. Realisation literally dawned on In Ha.

The way he plays Chan Soo though. Like, I don’t know the last one though you just said it. Desperate Chan Soo just buzzed it first though, without knowing the full answer.
Isn’t it amazing ?
You seem like a complete whack-job. I’ve decided on my career.

That woman. Who always laughs by herself >_<
I don’t think of broadcasting as a joke. With one word, you can kill a person. That what broadcasting is. How would I dare to think of that as a joke.
Omo! That guy was there when they discovered him and his mom jumped.
<strong>It’s correct to the point that it’s scary. </strong>

Do you like me ? Am I crazy ! Why would I ? Hehe 😛 Chan Soo lmao
That punk deserves to get rained on. Hic. Come on In Ha-yah, don’t lie to yourself.


I hiccup when I’m cold.

If I become the champion, don’t get off my bike. Lamest ever.

Do you perhaps …. Do you ….
In retrospect I should have left then.
By any chance, are you … Your not having any strange, mistaken thoughts are you?

So any kind of misunderstanding is denied.  Their relationship seems to run on this.

But that was an immature mistake. And an excuse to stay by her side. This line just got me like 😥 😥

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