I’ll Remember


<p>Yeah. I know. I’m just starting the season today 😛


<p>Looks like everyone’s been moving on. Tyler’s checking out Liv. Jer.’s going from girl to girl. Stefan’s sleeping with some chick.

<p>And this conversation is between the rational you & possibly drug induced you.

<p>Joe. Looks like. I teach Occult studies here. Oh. I didn’t know that was a thing.
So when I lost my human nature. I also lost my game.

<p>Elena’s the border attacker 😮

<p>Its time for you to say goodbye too. Its cruel how she still turns to Stefan for comfort.

<p>I don’t trust anyone. Ever. That’s probably wise.

<p>If Alaric wasn’t there, no one else would’ve been able to stop Tyler from hurting Luke. Would’ve triggered his curse again.

<p>So. She’s finally letting Damon go. Okay. She cant then.

<p>What would you <strong>like</strong> me to do Tyler.

<p>Stefan. Please! Just talk to Caroline at least.

<p>A hole in your heart where Damon should be ?! Funny. I thought you once loved Stefan. Wasn’t that eternal !? I’m sorry. I get SO touchy when it gets to her and love. And she literally forgets about Stefan.

<p>Everyday I tell you I hate that. And everyday I still do it. YAY! I GET MY DAMON/BONNY ^__^

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