Black Hole


<p>Another word of advice. When a significantly sexy doctor is flirting with you, give her your undivided attention.
<p>Easy there big brother. She doesn’t even know you. At leat buy her a drink first.
<p>That proposal :’) lmao. Omg! I love it.
<p>You don’t have to try Damon. You just have to exist.
You just jeep failing.

<p>There’s something not right about him. You’re just not used to guys hitting on you.
<p>Malakai. Massacred his whole coven. This is his personal hell.

<p>Ouch! Poor nephew-uncle Zach.
<p>We may be having a bit of a disagreement now. But don’t ever lay a hand on her.

<p>Bcoz in spite of every single thing he did we couldn’t live without him.

<p>Sarah is Zach & Gail’s kid !

<p>That makes you different from Kai. That means there’s hope for you yet.

<p>Did Ivy drink his boss’s blood ??

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