Death in Heaven


Osgood!!! Is baack !!

87 I think. Ocd
91. Queen of evil.

Flying cybermen !! Exploding cybermen. Polluting.

You have no future without me.

Man scouts !! Lmao

Vote for an idiot. If you say so, Mr President (!)

Its always collateral damage with you & me. Its our Paris.


The one man I can never ever lie to.

The control freak & the man who shouldn’t be controlled.
You’d go to hell if she asked. And she would.

Dive into the Tardis. Like a boss.

Happy birthday, #Mr President# !!
Show a bad girl how its done.

I …am … An idiot. With a box, and a screwdriver.

We are the fallen. And today we will rise.
I feared at Danny’s speech.

Both. Lying to each other.

Never trust a hug. Its just a way to hide your face.

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