Time Heist



Look at me. Looking
Why is your face all coloured in ?
Are you taller ?

We do not wish to harm yoi before incineration.

Im a hacker – slash bank robber.

The ‘Teller’ I guess its called, looks like it should be in Star Wars.

The latest thing in sniffer dogs. Telepathic – it detects guilt.

Well ? Still dont understand why you’re in charge. Basically, its the eyebrows.

That bomb was SO COOL !

My personal plan is that a thing will probably happen quite soon.

Im waitibg for you to volunteer.

Doctor, no matter what happens, dont let me end up lkke that.

Well, I see no-one.
Im soo hsppy psi & sabria didnt dir 😀

Someone likes to hang out with their wealth.

Im getting sanity judgement from the self burbner.

I ws hoping for minimalism but i think I came up wuth magician.

Flesh & blood – the last currency

Dont rob a bank what ?
Without me.
Of course not, boss.

Robbing a bank. Robbing a whole bank. Bear thst gor a date.

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