Robot of Sherwood



Yay! Im starting tp get used to the new Doctor now

Oh my God. It is, isnt it ? Lol shes so cute fangirling xD
He has the most enormous –
Takes one to knoe one.

Stop … Laughing! Why do you keep doing that ? Are uou all simple or something ?

Why are you so sad ?
Why do you think me sad ?
Bcoz he’s rifht … Yoh do laugh yoo much.

Youre so very quick. How does the Doctor stand iy ?

Have you been to Nottingham ?
Climate change ?
Its 1190

Whrn dis you stop believing in everything ?
When did you atart believing in impossible heroes ?
Dont tou know ? In a way, its all rather sweet.

I want something else.
Name it

Dont worry Doctor I’ll save you
I dont need saving
Your honour is safe. For I qm Robin. Rpbin Hood !

Robin & Doc fighting xD
Oh, right, here qe go, its laughing time.
Screaming for the guard.
Do eithe of yoibunderstand … In any way at all … That there isnt actually a guard out there.

Seriously ?
Come on.

I had a bag of crisps this morning thanks.
Your words are strange, fair one.
I should think so

Lool Clara totally flirting.
Right, you do that again & you’ll regret that.

Look at you, Perfect eyes, Perfect teeth. NOBODY has a jawline like that.

Yeah, sorry about the girl, Such a pretty thing.

Lool all the workers with their golden shields.

Hes the opiate of the masses.

You all right ? Hell yeah

Soory was that, uh, was that showing Off ?

My friends, surely we can manage it together.

Be safe, if you can be. Bur alwys be amazing.

History id a a burden. Stories can make us fly.

Perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhapd we can both be our stories.

Aadmit it. You like him.
Well Im lewving him a present arent I ?
Oh! Shes Marian ?!

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